Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $104.4B Market cap $2.5T +6.1% BTC dominance: 51.2% ETH Gas: 8 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
1 Bitcoin Logo Bitcoin BTC Bitcoin 24h Chart $64,717.00 +5.9% $1.3T $0.6M 19.7M 21.0M
2 Ethereum Logo Ethereum ETH Ethereum 24h Chart $3,493.61 +7.1% $420.0B $5.3M 120.2M
3 Tether Logo Tether USDT Tether 24h Chart $1.00 +0.1% $112.6B $50.4B 112.5B
4 BNB Logo BNB BNB BNB 24h Chart $586.12 +7.3% $90.2B $1.9M 153.9M 200.0M
5 Solana Logo Solana SOL Solana 24h Chart $159.33 +7.4% $73.9B $19.5M 464.1M
6 Lido Staked Ether Logo Lido Staked Ether STETH Lido Staked Ether 24h Chart $3,496.11 +7.0% $34.0B $21.4K 9.7M
7 USDC Logo USDC USDC USDC 24h Chart $1.00 +0.1% $33.9B $8.6B 33.9B
8 XRP Logo XRP XRP XRP 24h Chart $0.53660400 +2.5% $29.9B $3.3B 55.8B 100.0B
9 Toncoin Logo Toncoin TON Toncoin 24h Chart $7.62 +2.4% $19.1B $46.3M 2.5B
10 Dogecoin Logo Dogecoin DOGE Dogecoin 24h Chart $0.12507500 +7.7% $18.1B $7.3B 145.1B
11 Cardano Logo Cardano ADA Cardano 24h Chart $0.44397400 +2.3% $15.8B $1.1B 35.6B 45.0B
12 TRON Logo TRON TRX TRON 24h Chart $0.13734000 -0.3% $12.0B $2.9B 87.1B
13 Shiba Inu Logo Shiba Inu SHIB Shiba Inu 24h Chart $0.00001900 +7.3% $11.2B $18.4T 589.3T
14 Avalanche Logo Avalanche AVAX Avalanche 24h Chart $27.78 +4.4% $11.0B $14.9M 394.5M 720.0M
15 Wrapped Bitcoin Logo Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC Wrapped Bitcoin 24h Chart $64,761.00 +6.0% $10.0B $6.5K 0.2M 0.2M
16 Polkadot Logo Polkadot DOT Polkadot 24h Chart $6.48 +2.3% $9.0B $41.3M 1.4B
18 Bitcoin Cash Logo Bitcoin Cash BCH Bitcoin Cash 24h Chart $399.67 +5.5% $7.9B $0.7M 19.7M 21.0M
19 NEAR Protocol Logo NEAR Protocol NEAR NEAR Protocol 24h Chart $5.90 +8.5% $6.5B $61.0M 1.1B
20 Uniswap Logo Uniswap UNI Uniswap 24h Chart $8.61 +1.6% $6.5B $23.1M 753.8M 1000.0M
21 LEO Token Logo LEO Token LEO LEO Token 24h Chart $5.87 +0.6% $5.4B $0.2M 926.0M
22 Litecoin Logo Litecoin LTC Litecoin 24h Chart $72.44 +3.2% $5.4B $5.0M 74.8M 84.0M
23 Dai Logo Dai DAI Dai 24h Chart $1.00 +0.1% $5.3B $168.1M 5.3B
24 Wrapped eETH Logo Wrapped eETH WEETH Wrapped eETH 24h Chart $3,640.17 +7.1% $5.1B $37.4K 1.4M
25 Polygon Logo Polygon MATIC Polygon 24h Chart $0.54851500 +2.7% $5.1B $505.0M 9.3B 10.0B
26 Pepe Logo Pepe PEPE Pepe 24h Chart $0.00001133 +22.0% $4.8B $167.0T 420.7T 420.7T
27 Internet Computer Logo Internet Computer ICP Internet Computer 24h Chart $9.67 +11.9% $4.5B $18.9M 466.6M
28 Kaspa Logo Kaspa KAS Kaspa 24h Chart $0.18244500 +6.4% $4.4B $362.8M 24.2B 28.7B
29 Logo FET 24h Chart $1.42 +12.3% $3.6B $230.9M 2.5B 2.6B
30 Ethereum Classic Logo Ethereum Classic ETC Ethereum Classic 24h Chart $23.94 +5.9% $3.5B $5.3M 147.9M 210.7M
31 Ethena USDe Logo Ethena USDe USDE Ethena USDe 24h Chart $1.00 +0.2% $3.4B $50.3M 3.4B
32 Aptos Logo Aptos APT Aptos 24h Chart $6.98 +4.9% $3.3B $22.0M 466.7M
33 Stellar Logo Stellar XLM Stellar 24h Chart $0.10446000 -0.3% $3.1B $868.1M 29.3B 50.0B
34 Monero Logo Monero XMR Monero 24h Chart $159.46 +0.1% $2.9B $0.5M 18.4M
35 Hedera Logo Hedera HBAR Hedera 24h Chart $0.07841200 +8.5% $2.8B $782.3M 35.8B 50.0B
36 Stacks Logo Stacks STX Stacks 24h Chart $1.93 +11.5% $2.8B $110.3M 1.5B 1.8B
37 Maker Logo Maker MKR Maker 24h Chart $2,912.96 +3.8% $2.7B $77.9K 0.9M 1.0M
38 Render Logo Render RNDR Render 24h Chart $6.73 +8.0% $2.6B $50.6M 392.5M 532.2M
39 VeChain Logo VeChain VET VeChain 24h Chart $0.03244360 +3.8% $2.6B $2.3B 81.0B 86.7B
40 Mantle Logo Mantle MNT Mantle 24h Chart $0.78893700 +7.4% $2.6B $305.0M 3.3B 6.2B
41 Cronos Logo Cronos CRO Cronos 24h Chart $0.09517900 +2.8% $2.6B $94.8M 26.8B
42 OKB Logo OKB OKB OKB 24h Chart $42.30 +5.3% $2.5B $0.2M 60.0M 300.0M
43 Filecoin Logo Filecoin FIL Filecoin 24h Chart $4.45 +3.9% $2.5B $38.3M 571.2M 2.0B
44 Cosmos Hub Logo Cosmos Hub ATOM Cosmos Hub 24h Chart $6.46 +3.3% $2.5B $30.6M 390.7M
45 Arbitrum Logo Arbitrum ARB Arbitrum 24h Chart $0.77451400 +6.9% $2.5B $377.1M 3.2B 10.0B
46 Immutable Logo Immutable IMX Immutable 24h Chart $1.51 +4.7% $2.3B $43.5M 1.5B 2.0B
47 Injective Logo Injective INJ Injective 24h Chart $22.99 +6.3% $2.2B $5.2M 97.2M
48 dogwifhat Logo dogwifhat WIF dogwifhat 24h Chart $2.15 +22.5% $2.1B $352.6M 998.9M 998.9M
49 Bittensor Logo Bittensor TAO Bittensor 24h Chart $300.56 +7.8% $2.1B $0.3M 7.1M 21.0M
50 Sui Logo Sui SUI Sui 24h Chart $0.84430900 +4.7% $2.1B $181.7M 2.5B 10.0B
51 The Graph Logo The Graph GRT The Graph 24h Chart $0.22003000 +10.5% $2.1B $319.7M 9.5B 10.8B
52 Optimism Logo Optimism OP Optimism 24h Chart $1.86 +2.9% $2.1B $152.2M 1.1B 4.3B
53 Renzo Restaked ETH Logo Renzo Restaked ETH EZETH Renzo Restaked ETH 24h Chart $3,536.04 +6.9% $2.1B $9.0K 0.6M
54 Rocket Pool ETH Logo Rocket Pool ETH RETH Rocket Pool ETH 24h Chart $3,897.04 +6.8% $2.0B $7.3K 0.5M
55 First Digital USD Logo First Digital USD FDUSD First Digital USD 24h Chart $1.00 +0.0% $1.9B $3.8B 1.9B
57 Arweave Logo Arweave AR Arweave 24h Chart $27.38 +8.4% $1.8B $3.6M 65.5M 66.0M
58 FLOKI Logo FLOKI FLOKI FLOKI 24h Chart $0.00018265 +19.2% $1.8B $2.7T 9.7T 10.0T
59 Notcoin Logo Notcoin NOT Notcoin 24h Chart $0.01735860 +13.6% $1.8B $39.9B 102.5B 102.7B
60 Mantle Staked Ether Logo Mantle Staked Ether METH Mantle Staked Ether 24h Chart $3,627.07 +7.2% $1.7B $3.6K 0.5M
61 Lido DAO Logo Lido DAO LDO Lido DAO 24h Chart $1.82 +3.5% $1.6B $78.6M 892.9M 1000.0M
62 Ondo Logo Ondo ONDO Ondo 24h Chart $1.12 +9.8% $1.6B $162.6M 1.4B 10.0B
63 Aave Logo Aave AAVE Aave 24h Chart $104.33 -0.0% $1.6B $1.6M 14.9M 16.0M
64 Theta Network Logo Theta Network THETA Theta Network 24h Chart $1.55 +6.2% $1.6B $13.8M 1000.0M 1000.0M
65 Bitget Token Logo Bitget Token BGB Bitget Token 24h Chart $1.09 +4.5% $1.5B $26.1M 1.4B 2.0B
66 JasmyCoin Logo JasmyCoin JASMY JasmyCoin 24h Chart $0.03156250 +19.0% $1.5B $6.7B 48.4B 50.0B
67 Fantom Logo Fantom FTM Fantom 24h Chart $0.52826800 +7.2% $1.5B $406.3M 2.8B 3.2B
68 THORChain Logo THORChain RUNE THORChain 24h Chart $4.17 +8.3% $1.4B $45.9M 336.8M 500.0M
69 WhiteBIT Coin Logo WhiteBIT Coin WBT WhiteBIT Coin 24h Chart $9.70 +1.2% $1.4B $0.6M 144.1M 400.0M
70 Brett Logo Brett BRETT Brett 24h Chart $0.14106500 +18.4% $1.4B $523.0M 9.9B 10.0B
71 Celestia Logo Celestia TIA Celestia 24h Chart $6.87 +7.9% $1.4B $26.8M 197.6M
72 Algorand Logo Algorand ALGO Algorand 24h Chart $0.15763300 +3.6% $1.3B $302.4M 8.2B 10.0B
73 Pyth Network Logo Pyth Network PYTH Pyth Network 24h Chart $0.33971000 +8.0% $1.2B $187.8M 3.6B 10.0B
74 Jupiter Logo Jupiter JUP Jupiter 24h Chart $0.90786600 +10.1% $1.2B $167.5M 1.4B 10.0B
75 Staked ETH Logo Staked ETH EETH Staked ETH 24h Chart $3,473.20 +6.5% $1.2B $95.2 0.3M
76 Sei Logo Sei SEI Sei 24h Chart $0.35765100 +8.6% $1.1B $244.4M 3.2B
77 Quant Logo Quant QNT Quant 24h Chart $78.26 +5.3% $1.1B $0.3M 14.5M 14.6M
78 Core Logo Core CORE Core 24h Chart $1.24 +3.7% $1.1B $62.8M 898.3M 2.1B
79 MANTRA Logo MANTRA OM MANTRA 24h Chart $1.24 +15.1% $1.0B $69.1M 831.3M 888.9M
80 MultiversX Logo MultiversX EGLD MultiversX 24h Chart $37.05 +4.1% $1.0B $0.8M 27.2M 31.4M
81 Gate Logo Gate GT Gate 24h Chart $7.72 +5.5% $1.0B $0.5M 130.4M
82 Flow Logo Flow FLOW Flow 24h Chart $0.62299300 +7.1% $946.3M $49.6M 1.5B
83 Flare Logo Flare FLR Flare 24h Chart $0.02094680 +2.9% $925.7M $377.1M 44.2B
84 KuCoin Logo KuCoin KCS KuCoin 24h Chart $9.64 +3.8% $921.0M $15.9K 95.5M
85 Ethereum Name Service Logo Ethereum Name Service ENS Ethereum Name Service 24h Chart $28.82 +8.7% $916.5M $7.9M 31.8M 100.0M
86 Kelp DAO Restaked ETH Logo Kelp DAO Restaked ETH RSETH Kelp DAO Restaked ETH 24h Chart $3,549.82 +7.0% $891.6M $1.6K 0.3M
87 GALA Logo GALA GALA GALA 24h Chart $0.02429650 +8.5% $891.8M $4.5B 36.7B 50.0B
88 Beam Logo Beam BEAM Beam 24h Chart $0.01771810 +12.6% $891.4M $1.4B 50.3B 62.4B
89 EOS Logo EOS EOS EOS 24h Chart $0.59012400 +2.0% $885.6M $150.3M 1.5B 2.1B
90 Axie Infinity Logo Axie Infinity AXS Axie Infinity 24h Chart $5.98 +5.0% $884.3M $6.5M 147.9M 270.0M
91 Akash Network Logo Akash Network AKT Akash Network 24h Chart $3.64 +3.2% $880.9M $5.3M 242.0M 388.5M
92 Bitcoin SV Logo Bitcoin SV BSV Bitcoin SV 24h Chart $44.65 +6.7% $880.9M $0.5M 19.7M 21.0M
93 dYdX Logo dYdX DYDX dYdX 24h Chart $1.45 +4.0% $878.8M $16.3M 606.1M 1000.0M
95 Tokenize Xchange Logo Tokenize Xchange TKX Tokenize Xchange 24h Chart $10.62 +3.3% $849.6M $0.9M 80.0M 100.0M
96 Marinade staked SOL Logo Marinade staked SOL MSOL Marinade staked SOL 24h Chart $190.93 +7.3% $850.9M $94.1K 4.5M 4.5M
97 Ethena Logo Ethena ENA Ethena 24h Chart $0.48736200 +21.1% $833.8M $371.1M 1.7B
98 Tezos Logo Tezos XTZ Tezos 24h Chart $0.81882300 +3.3% $810.4M $42.3M 989.7M
99 Mog Coin Logo Mog Coin MOG Mog Coin 24h Chart $0.00000227 +16.3% $818.2M $31.0T 360.4T 420.7T
100 NEO Logo NEO NEO NEO 24h Chart $11.41 +5.9% $804.7M $2.6M 70.5M
101 StarkNet Logo StarkNet STRK StarkNet 24h Chart $0.61765700 +4.0% $803.1M $209.3M 1.3B 10.0B
102 ORDI Logo ORDI ORDI ORDI 24h Chart $38.18 +14.0% $801.8M $4.6M 21.0M

What is a Crypto Tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or platform that provides real-time information about various cryptocurrencies. It tracks and displays data such as current prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. These trackers often include additional features like historical data, graphs, and comparison tools, helping investors and enthusiasts stay updated with the dynamic crypto market.

What Does Market Cap Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Market cap, short for market capitalization, refers to the total value of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of a single unit of the cryptocurrency by its total circulating supply. Market cap is a crucial indicator used to assess the relative size, stability, and growth potential of different cryptocurrencies.

What is Total Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Total volume in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded in a given time frame, usually 24 hours. It's a vital metric that indicates the liquidity and activity level of that cryptocurrency in the market. High trading volume often suggests strong interest and activity, while low volume can indicate lesser engagement.

What is BTC Dominance?

BTC dominance measures Bitcoin's market capitalization as a percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric to assess Bitcoin's relative size and influence in the crypto market. A high BTC dominance implies a stronger influence of Bitcoin over the market, whereas a lower dominance indicates a more diverse market with other cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

How Are Gas Fees Calculated in Cryptocurrency?

Gas fees in cryptocurrency, particularly in networks like Ethereum, are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. These fees are calculated based on the complexity of the transaction and the network's current demand. High demand and network congestion often result in higher gas fees.

How Are Cryptocurrency Prices Calculated?

Cryptocurrency prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the market. They're influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, regulatory news, and technological developments. Prices fluctuate based on the number of people willing to buy or sell at any given moment, and each exchange may display slightly different prices based on the specific trades occurring on their platform.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Differ on Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency prices can differ across exchanges due to variations in supply and demand in different markets. Factors such as the exchange's user base, geographic location, trading volume, liquidity, and even the speed of processing transactions can influence the price on each platform. Additionally, differences in fees, trading pairs available, and the exchange's reputation can also contribute to price discrepancies.

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