Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $211.6B Market cap $2.8T +8.5% BTC dominance: 50.5% ETH Gas: 23 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
502 Gelato Logo Gelato GEL Gelato 24h Chart $0.40141800 +39.8% $97.2M $1.5M 242.1M 420.7M
503 Ergo Logo Ergo ERG Ergo 24h Chart $1.29 +3.1% $97.2M $0.7M 75.3M
504 LooksRare Logo LooksRare LOOKS LooksRare 24h Chart $0.09671200 +16.4% $96.3M $67.5M 995.8M 1000.0M
505 Forta Logo Forta FORT Forta 24h Chart $0.25265200 +2.1% $95.9M $5.8M 379.7M 1000.0M
506 Stargate Finance Logo Stargate Finance STG Stargate Finance 24h Chart $0.46892600 +6.8% $95.8M $35.1M 204.3M 1000.0M
507 Marblex Logo Marblex MBX Marblex 24h Chart $0.80036400 +6.5% $95.9M $2.6M 119.9M 1000.0M
508 Huobi Logo Huobi HT Huobi 24h Chart $0.59689100 +1.6% $95.1M $0.5M 159.4M 201.1M
509 Sovryn Logo Sovryn SOV Sovryn 24h Chart $1.58 +8.0% $94.8M $0.2M 60.0M 100.0M
510 Shentu Logo Shentu CTK Shentu 24h Chart $0.71647300 +5.8% $94.8M $1.6M 132.3M
511 ChainSwap Logo ChainSwap CSWAP ChainSwap 24h Chart $0.09818100 +25.0% $94.0M $15.6M 957.2M 1000.0M
512 LTO Network Logo LTO Network LTO LTO Network 24h Chart $0.21792300 +11.8% $93.3M $44.3M 428.0M 500.0M
513 Velodrome Finance Logo Velodrome Finance VELO Velodrome Finance 24h Chart $0.13990200 +8.1% $93.4M $41.8M 667.6M 1.7B
514 Mines of Dalarnia Logo Mines of Dalarnia DAR Mines of Dalarnia 24h Chart $0.15894500 +12.2% $92.9M $116.0M 584.2M 800.0M
515 Bitcoin Wizards Logo Bitcoin Wizards WZRD Bitcoin Wizards 24h Chart $4.42 +20.1% $92.8M $0.2M 21.0M 21.0M
516 NKN Logo NKN NKN NKN 24h Chart $0.11943300 +8.4% $92.4M $45.1M 773.8M 1000.0M
517 USDX Logo USDX USDX USDX 24h Chart $0.81981200 +0.1% $91.5M $0.4M 111.6M
518 Turbo Logo Turbo TURBO Turbo 24h Chart $0.00133890 +8.7% $92.4M $14.9B 69.0B 69.0B
519 Aavegotchi Logo Aavegotchi GHST Aavegotchi 24h Chart $1.79 +6.9% $91.6M $3.0M 51.2M 52.7M
520 Badger Logo Badger BADGER Badger 24h Chart $4.59 +11.7% $91.5M $2.1M 19.9M 21.0M
521 OpSec Logo OpSec OPSEC OpSec 24h Chart $1.00 +22.8% $91.0M $1.6M 91.0M 100.0M
522 Snek Logo Snek SNEK Snek 24h Chart $0.00123464 +15.7% $91.0M $1.9B 73.7B 76.7B
523 TriasLab Logo TriasLab TRIAS TriasLab 24h Chart $9.09 +11.9% $90.7M $0.2M 10.0M 10.0M
524 Adventure Gold Logo Adventure Gold AGLD Adventure Gold 24h Chart $1.17 +11.8% $90.5M $9.3M 77.3M 80.0M
525 StormX Logo StormX STMX StormX 24h Chart $0.00819420 +12.8% $90.1M $1.3B 11.0B 12.5B
526 Commune AI Logo Commune AI COMAI Commune AI 24h Chart $0.89298100 -9.0% $89.8M $1.6M 100.5M 1000.0M
527 BENQI Logo BENQI QI BENQI 24h Chart $0.01919430 +6.2% $89.0M $263.1M 4.6B 7.2B
528 QuarkChain Logo QuarkChain QKC QuarkChain 24h Chart $0.01249630 +8.8% $87.4M $319.5M 7.0B
529 Hunt Logo Hunt HUNT Hunt 24h Chart $0.43885600 +3.5% $87.3M $19.2M 198.9M 198.9M
530 BakerySwap Logo BakerySwap BAKE BakerySwap 24h Chart $0.29942100 +13.8% $86.4M $90.3M 288.7M 277.2M
531 Radworks Logo Radworks RAD Radworks 24h Chart $1.73 +6.8% $86.2M $7.1M 49.8M 100.0M
532 Bifrost Logo Bifrost BFC Bifrost 24h Chart $0.06194000 +5.1% $86.2M $13.1M 1.4B
533 Quasar Logo Quasar QSR Quasar 24h Chart $0.15120400 +6.3% $86.1M $0.1M 569.6M 1000.0M
534 SuperRare Logo SuperRare RARE SuperRare 24h Chart $0.12316700 +7.4% $85.8M $51.3M 696.6M 1000.0M
535 ArbDoge AI Logo ArbDoge AI AIDOGE ArbDoge AI 24h Chart $0.00000000 +9.6% $85.7M $27045.7T 188144.0T 210000.0T
536 Opulous Logo Opulous OPUL Opulous 24h Chart $0.18728400 +3.6% $85.4M $7.5M 455.9M 500.0M
537 Automata Logo Automata ATA Automata 24h Chart $0.17327300 +8.5% $84.6M $36.3M 488.5M 1000.0M
538 Redacted Logo Redacted BTRFLY Redacted 24h Chart $285.51 +26.9% $84.4M $1.7K 0.3M 0.7M
539 XPLA Logo XPLA XPLA XPLA 24h Chart $0.14744400 +5.7% $85.0M $4.3M 576.3M 2.0B
540 Radio Caca Logo Radio Caca RACA Radio Caca 24h Chart $0.00022880 +8.3% $83.3M $34.9B 363.9B 500.0B
541 Mainframe Logo Mainframe MFT Mainframe 24h Chart $0.00887952 +26.0% $83.3M $0.1M 9.4B 10.0B
542 Sidus Logo Sidus SIDUS Sidus 24h Chart $0.00771436 +15.1% $83.2M $90.1M 10.8B 30.0B
543 QANplatform Logo QANplatform QANX QANplatform 24h Chart $0.04877790 +9.7% $82.9M $38.7M 1.7B 3.3B
544 Decubate Logo Decubate DCB Decubate 24h Chart $0.08718300 -1.3% $82.8M $11.4M 949.8M 1000.0M
545 Storj Logo Storj STORJ Storj 24h Chart $0.57534800 +12.7% $82.7M $39.6M 143.8M
546 Perpetual Protocol Logo Perpetual Protocol PERP Perpetual Protocol 24h Chart $1.13 +14.1% $82.0M $8.1M 72.6M 150.0M
547 Gitcoin Logo Gitcoin GTC Gitcoin 24h Chart $1.34 +16.0% $81.6M $6.0M 60.9M 100.0M
548 Access Protocol Logo Access Protocol ACS Access Protocol 24h Chart $0.00231999 -0.6% $81.7M $1.2B 35.2B
549 Wrapped NXM Logo Wrapped NXM WNXM Wrapped NXM 24h Chart $80.31 +18.8% $80.7M $58.5K 1.0M 1.0M
550 Moonwell Logo Moonwell WELL Moonwell 24h Chart $0.03289690 +17.0% $80.6M $46.9M 2.5B 5.0B
551 MovieBloc Logo MovieBloc MBL MovieBloc 24h Chart $0.00455437 +5.2% $80.2M $1.4B 17.6B 30.0B
552 MANEKI Logo MANEKI MANEKI MANEKI 24h Chart $0.00908487 +2.3% $79.9M $3.6B 8.8B 8.9B
553 PaLM AI Logo PaLM AI PALM PaLM AI 24h Chart $1.03 +20.6% $79.9M $0.9M 77.5M 100.0M
554 Alien Worlds Logo Alien Worlds TLM Alien Worlds 24h Chart $0.01847340 +12.3% $79.8M $532.5M 4.3B 10.0B
555 Hippocrat Logo Hippocrat HPO Hippocrat 24h Chart $0.07856000 +2.9% $78.0M $14.5M 993.4M 1.1B
556 Clearpool Logo Clearpool CPOOL Clearpool 24h Chart $0.17293900 +9.9% $77.4M $11.8M 447.7M 1000.0M
557 Grok Logo Grok GROK Grok 24h Chart $0.01224210 +10.0% $77.4M $894.8M 6.3B 6.9B
558 SaucerSwap Logo SaucerSwap SAUCE SaucerSwap 24h Chart $0.12028200 +6.8% $77.2M $25.5M 642.0M 1000.0M
559 Blendr Network Logo Blendr Network BLENDR Blendr Network 24h Chart $1.88 +23.4% $77.0M $1.2M 41.0M 42.0M
560 Krypton DAO Logo Krypton DAO KRD Krypton DAO 24h Chart $0.74847800 -2.8% $76.7M $9.4K 102.5M 10.0B
561 PacMoon Logo PacMoon PAC PacMoon 24h Chart $0.16500500 -11.9% $76.8M $20.1M 465.3M 1000.0M
562 Agoric Logo Agoric BLD Agoric 24h Chart $0.11642900 +8.9% $76.6M $3.0M 657.9M
563 Logo ALEPH 24h Chart $0.40523400 +17.8% $75.5M $8.2M 186.4M 500.0M
564 Loom Network (OLD) Logo Loom Network (OLD) LOOMOLD Loom Network (OLD) 24h Chart $0.09042500 +4.5% $75.4M $5.8M 833.9M
565 Chainflip Logo Chainflip FLIP Chainflip 24h Chart $2.79 +6.7% $75.0M $0.8M 26.9M
566 Cortex Logo Cortex CTXC Cortex 24h Chart $0.33827500 +7.3% $74.8M $19.0M 221.0M
567 REI Network Logo REI Network REI REI Network 24h Chart $0.07655800 +5.0% $74.2M $90.7M 969.7M 1000.0M
568 Drift Protocol Logo Drift Protocol DRIFT Drift Protocol 24h Chart $0.47573500 +8.9% $74.4M $98.0M 156.3M 1000.0M
569 Railgun Logo Railgun RAIL Railgun 24h Chart $1.28 +22.1% $73.6M $0.6M 57.5M 100.0M
570 PepeFork Logo PepeFork PORK PepeFork 24h Chart $0.00000022 +2.0% $72.2M $24.6T 330.4T 420.7T
571 Origin Protocol Logo Origin Protocol OGN Origin Protocol 24h Chart $0.14545500 +10.9% $73.1M $85.7M 502.7M 1000.0M
572 Zero1 Labs Logo Zero1 Labs DEAI Zero1 Labs 24h Chart $0.75010300 +28.4% $73.2M $7.5M 97.6M 1000.0M
573 Ankr Staked ETH Logo Ankr Staked ETH ANKRETH Ankr Staked ETH 24h Chart $4,373.53 +22.7% $73.3M $288.7 16.8K
574 ARPA Logo ARPA ARPA ARPA 24h Chart $0.07416300 +8.4% $72.8M $190.1M 982.2M 2.0B
575 Gods Unchained Logo Gods Unchained GODS Gods Unchained 24h Chart $0.24664100 +8.7% $72.0M $5.3M 291.8M 500.0M
576 Polymath Logo Polymath POLY Polymath 24h Chart $0.07983500 +21.0% $71.7M $0.5M 898.6M
577 Multibit Logo Multibit MUBI Multibit 24h Chart $0.07583000 +2.5% $72.0M $191.9M 950.0M 1000.0M
578 Polkastarter Logo Polkastarter POLS Polkastarter 24h Chart $0.72315900 +1.6% $71.8M $10.7M 99.4M 100.0M
579 Logo GAFI 24h Chart $6.56 +5.2% $71.8M $70.0K 10.9M 15.0M
580 Stafi Logo Stafi FIS Stafi 24h Chart $0.50186400 +2.2% $71.6M $16.5M 142.6M 142.6M
581 Kamino Logo Kamino KMNO Kamino 24h Chart $0.05962100 +0.8% $71.3M $51.0M 1.2B 10.0B
582 WUFFI Logo WUFFI WUF WUFFI 24h Chart $0.00000071 -0.6% $71.2M $3.2T 100.0T 100.0T
583 NULS Logo NULS NULS NULS 24h Chart $0.65321900 +4.8% $70.9M $6.6M 108.6M 210.0M
584 Sweat Economy Logo Sweat Economy SWEAT Sweat Economy 24h Chart $0.00903058 +5.2% $71.1M $942.6M 7.9B
585 A Hunters Dream Logo A Hunters Dream CAW A Hunters Dream 24h Chart $0.00000011 +19.7% $70.5M $17.3T 636.7T 666.7T
586 BUSD Logo BUSD BUSD BUSD 24h Chart $1.00 +0.4% $70.6M $0.4M 70.5M
587 Hermez Network Logo Hermez Network HEZ Hermez Network 24h Chart $4.32 +2.0% $72.2M $35.7K 16.7M 11.1M
588 Zeus Network Logo Zeus Network ZEUS Zeus Network 24h Chart $0.42125700 +10.0% $70.6M $33.3M 167.5M
589 L7DEX Logo L7DEX LSD L7DEX 24h Chart $1.48 -2.9% $70.5M $1.3M 47.6M 210.0M
590 Shark Cat Logo Shark Cat SC Shark Cat 24h Chart $0.07086600 -4.1% $70.1M $85.8M 989.9M 990.0M
591 Dimitra Logo Dimitra DMTR Dimitra 24h Chart $0.13690800 +0.8% $69.5M $10.1M 507.4M 1000.0M
592 Metadium Logo Metadium META Metadium 24h Chart $0.04085210 +2.6% $69.6M $63.0M 1.7B 2.0B
593 Clash of Lilliput Logo Clash of Lilliput COL Clash of Lilliput 24h Chart $0.84684400 +5.7% $69.5M $0.1M 82.1M 1000.0M
594 Shardus Logo Shardus ULT Shardus 24h Chart $0.15710700 +0.4% $69.1M $0.4M 439.6M
595 enqAI Logo enqAI ENQAI enqAI 24h Chart $0.07080300 +40.7% $68.9M $19.8M 973.5M 1000.0M
596 Cobak Logo Cobak CBK Cobak 24h Chart $0.80874300 +4.4% $67.7M $3.6M 83.8M 100.0M
597 cUSDC Logo cUSDC CUSDC cUSDC 24h Chart $0.02389480 -0.0% $67.9M $2.9K 2.8B
598 Vaiot Logo Vaiot VAI Vaiot 24h Chart $0.20637100 +7.4% $67.9M $5.9M 329.0M 400.0M

What is a Crypto Tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or platform that provides real-time information about various cryptocurrencies. It tracks and displays data such as current prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. These trackers often include additional features like historical data, graphs, and comparison tools, helping investors and enthusiasts stay updated with the dynamic crypto market.

What Does Market Cap Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Market cap, short for market capitalization, refers to the total value of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of a single unit of the cryptocurrency by its total circulating supply. Market cap is a crucial indicator used to assess the relative size, stability, and growth potential of different cryptocurrencies.

What is Total Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Total volume in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded in a given time frame, usually 24 hours. It's a vital metric that indicates the liquidity and activity level of that cryptocurrency in the market. High trading volume often suggests strong interest and activity, while low volume can indicate lesser engagement.

What is BTC Dominance?

BTC dominance measures Bitcoin's market capitalization as a percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric to assess Bitcoin's relative size and influence in the crypto market. A high BTC dominance implies a stronger influence of Bitcoin over the market, whereas a lower dominance indicates a more diverse market with other cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

How Are Gas Fees Calculated in Cryptocurrency?

Gas fees in cryptocurrency, particularly in networks like Ethereum, are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. These fees are calculated based on the complexity of the transaction and the network's current demand. High demand and network congestion often result in higher gas fees.

How Are Cryptocurrency Prices Calculated?

Cryptocurrency prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the market. They're influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, regulatory news, and technological developments. Prices fluctuate based on the number of people willing to buy or sell at any given moment, and each exchange may display slightly different prices based on the specific trades occurring on their platform.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Differ on Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency prices can differ across exchanges due to variations in supply and demand in different markets. Factors such as the exchange's user base, geographic location, trading volume, liquidity, and even the speed of processing transactions can influence the price on each platform. Additionally, differences in fees, trading pairs available, and the exchange's reputation can also contribute to price discrepancies.

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