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Apr 19
NewsBTC Article Thumbnail BNB Price May Have Another Chance For A Bullish Streak: Here’s How
NewsBTC Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Price Still At Risk of Major Downside Break Below $60K
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Price Dives Below $60,000 Less Than 24 Hours Before Halving
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Price Plunges Below $60K On Iran’s Explosions Report
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Dips Below $60K as Israel Launches Strike on Iran
The Block Article Thumbnail Crypto in red after Israeli missiles reportedly hit Iran
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Are Altcoins Done? Trader Issues Alert Amid ‘Scary’ Behavior in Chainlink (LINK) and Others
Apr 18
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Meta Pushes AI Chatbot Into Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp
CryptoSlate Article Thumbnail Meta announces Llama 3, launches dedicated AI web portal
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail Chia Network Makes Progress Toward an IPO, CEO Says
Decrypto Article Thumbnail The Price of BTC Won't Rise After Bitcoin Halving, JP Morgan Says
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Google Searches For ‘Bitcoin Halving’ Reach Highest Level Ever
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Beyond Stablecoins: USDT-Issuer Tether Announces New Distinct Business Divisions
NewsBTC Article Thumbnail Crypto Analyst Predicts Cardano Rally To $3 As Price Reaches ‘Ultimate Support Test’
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Crypto Influencer Ansem Explains His Meme Coin Thesis and Why He’s Bullish on Bitcoin Runes
CryptoSlate Article Thumbnail Scaramucci says Bitcoin is ‘still very young,’ predicts $200k long-term price after halving
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Some Traders Think This New Solana Meme Coin Might Explode When It Lists on Exchanges in 10 Days
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Circle of Games secures $1 million of strategic funding from Nazara Technologies and The Hashgraph Association
CryptoGlobe Article Thumbnail Consensys Exec: ‘It Can Be Said With Confidence That the SEC Is Investigating Ethereum’
NewsBTC Article Thumbnail Aptos Labs Teams Up With Microsoft, SK Telecom For New Institutional Platform, APT Soars 3%
CryptoSlate Article Thumbnail US lawmakers’ proposed ban on algorithmic stablecoins draws industry backlash
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail This Bitcoin Halving Is Different. But Is It 'Priced In'?
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Binance Converts $1B SAFU Fund to USDC, Now 3% of Circulating Supply
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Whale That Bought Ethereum at the Bottom in 2022 Sends 5,000 ETH to Kraken: Lookonchain
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail ‘The Q1 Hype Cycle Is Over’: Crypto Analyst Updates Outlook on Bitcoin (BTC) After Deep Pullback
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Crypto Cat Fight: Why the Legal Claws Are Out Over Solana Meme Coin Shark Cat
The Block Article Thumbnail Kraken acquires online brokerage TradeStation’s crypto arm amid U.S. expansion
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail Avail Confirms Token Airdrop Plans, a Week After Leaked Screenshots
Bitcoin Magazine Article Thumbnail Pick Your Poisson
Decrypto Article Thumbnail How Will Traders Handle Volatility Ahead of Bitcoin Halving? Analysts Are Split
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Is a ‘Fraud’ Says Jamie Dimon, Who Vowed to Not Talk About It Again
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Hester Peirce Calls Two of SEC’s Enforcement Actions ‘Arbitrary,’ Says Agency’s Ambiguity May Be Deliberate

How are Crypto News Aggregated?

Crypto news are aggregated using RSS feeds. These feeds gather updates from different crypto news websites and blogs, bringing them all into one place. This makes it super convenient to stay on top of the latest crypto news without having to jump from site to site.

What are the Common Sources of Crypto News?

Common sources of crypto news include specialized crypto news websites, financial news platforms, social media, forums, and official announcements from crypto projects and regulatory bodies. These sources provide a range of information from market analysis, expert opinions, to real-time updates on the crypto market.

How Can I Verify the Reliability of Crypto News?

To verify the reliability of crypto news, consider the source's reputation, check for corroborating reports from other reputable sources, and be wary of sensational headlines or unverified claims. Look for news from established financial news outlets or dedicated crypto news websites known for their accuracy and impartial reporting.

What Impact Does Crypto News Have on Market Prices?

Crypto news can have a significant impact on market prices. Positive news, such as adoption by a major company or favorable regulatory developments, can lead to price increases. Conversely, negative news, like security breaches or regulatory crackdowns, can cause prices to drop. The crypto market is known for its sensitivity to news and rapid price fluctuations.

What is the Role of Social Media in Crypto News?

Social media plays a significant role in the dissemination of crypto news. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and crypto-focused forums are often the first places where news breaks, discussions are held, and opinions are formed. However, information on social media should be approached with caution due to the presence of rumors and unverified claims.

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