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Apr 17
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Decrypt's Sander Lutz Braves the Dubai Floods for a Crypto Conference
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Is Bitcoin Slipping Back Toward a Bear Market?
Decrypto Article Thumbnail More People Are Googling the Bitcoin Halving Than Ever Before
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Stability AI’s New SD3 Image Generator Is Now Available Via API
Decrypto Article Thumbnail 'Guy Explaining' Nightclub Meme to Be Sold as Ethereum NFT
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail Jury Begins Deliberations in $110M Mango Markets Fraud Trial
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Tom Holland’s Twitter Account Hacked to Promote Fake Crypto, Spider-Man Scam
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Trader Says One DEX Altcoin Primed for a Breakout After Repeating Previously Seen Pattern Once Again
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Institutions and ‘Smart Money’ To Influence Price Action During Upcoming BTC Halving, Says Glassnode – Here’s Why
The Block Article Thumbnail Runes hype pushes transaction fees on Bitcoin higher
CryptoSlate Article Thumbnail prepares for new Bitcoin standard with $2 million funding boost
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Here’s Why VeChain (VET) Seems Ready to Hit an ATH: Analyst
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Shiba Inu, Pepe Prices Pump Despite Crypto Crash, While New Dogeverse Meme Coin Also Rises
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail The Protocol: Bitcoin Halving Spectacular, With Runes, 'Epic Sat,' Stacks Nakamoto
Decrypto Article Thumbnail Bored Ape Creator Yuga Labs Just Offloaded NFT Games to Sharpen Focus on 'Otherside'
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail MetaWin Announces Innovative TOKENIZED Tesla Cybertruck Contest on Ethereum’s Base Layer 2 Blockchain
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail EduTech Platform Banksters Set to Reward Airdrop Winners Following End of Contest
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Barclays, Citi, Mastercard and Visa Joining UK Pilot for Tokenized Deposits Testing: Report
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Ontology Launches $10 Million Initiative to Fuel Decentralized Identity Innovation and Adoption
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Billionaire Sam Altman’s Worldcoin (WLD) Introduces New Ethereum Layer-2 Blockchain ‘World Chain’
CoinDesk Article Thumbnail What Is Bitcoin Meant to Hedge?
CryptoGlobe Article Thumbnail Kraken Says Its New Open-Source Self-Custody Wallet Is Built ‘On the Principles Central to the Crypto Space’
Decrypto Article Thumbnail These Bitcoin Mining Stocks Are Overvalued Ahead Of Halving: Analysts
Decrypto Article Thumbnail ‘Notcoin’ Token Won't Drop Alongside Bitcoin Halving—Here's Why
The Daily Hodl Article Thumbnail Binance and Coinbase Add Support for New Ethereum Altcoin Project Focused on Rollup Tech
The Block Article Thumbnail Bitcoin dips below $60,000 in wake of Powell’s comments, even as halving draws near
CryptoSlate Article Thumbnail Bitcoin barely holds on to $60k as bears retest March lows
CryptoGlobe Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Price Falls as Fed Chair Powell Expresses Caution on Rate Cuts
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Ethereum Is More Correlated To Stocks Than Bitcoin: IntoTheBlock
The Block Article Thumbnail Crypto ETFs other than Bitcoin and Ethereum funds will ‘100%’ be approved: Grayscale
Decrypto Article Thumbnail 'Bitcoin Senator' Lummis Leads Push for US Stablecoin Legislation
CryptoPotato Article Thumbnail Bitcoin Drops Below $60,000 Triggering $215 Million In Liquidations

How are Crypto News Aggregated?

Crypto news are aggregated using RSS feeds. These feeds gather updates from different crypto news websites and blogs, bringing them all into one place. This makes it super convenient to stay on top of the latest crypto news without having to jump from site to site.

What are the Common Sources of Crypto News?

Common sources of crypto news include specialized crypto news websites, financial news platforms, social media, forums, and official announcements from crypto projects and regulatory bodies. These sources provide a range of information from market analysis, expert opinions, to real-time updates on the crypto market.

How Can I Verify the Reliability of Crypto News?

To verify the reliability of crypto news, consider the source's reputation, check for corroborating reports from other reputable sources, and be wary of sensational headlines or unverified claims. Look for news from established financial news outlets or dedicated crypto news websites known for their accuracy and impartial reporting.

What Impact Does Crypto News Have on Market Prices?

Crypto news can have a significant impact on market prices. Positive news, such as adoption by a major company or favorable regulatory developments, can lead to price increases. Conversely, negative news, like security breaches or regulatory crackdowns, can cause prices to drop. The crypto market is known for its sensitivity to news and rapid price fluctuations.

What is the Role of Social Media in Crypto News?

Social media plays a significant role in the dissemination of crypto news. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and crypto-focused forums are often the first places where news breaks, discussions are held, and opinions are formed. However, information on social media should be approached with caution due to the presence of rumors and unverified claims.

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