Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $57.3B Market cap $1.2T +3.0% BTC dominance: 44.7% ETH Gas: 15 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
398 Redacted Logo Redacted BTRFLY Redacted 24h Chart $323.31 +2.9% $61.0M $662.8 0.2M
399 LCX Logo LCX LCX LCX 24h Chart $0.07848900 -8.6% $60.8M $27.0M 775.0M
400 Ultra Logo Ultra UOS Ultra 24h Chart $0.22400700 -3.0% $60.6M $6.2M 270.4M 1000.0M
401 Wrapped NXM Logo Wrapped NXM WNXM Wrapped NXM 24h Chart $25.24 +2.2% $60.0M $48.6K 2.4M 2.4M
402 Origin Protocol Logo Origin Protocol OGN Origin Protocol 24h Chart $0.11897000 +4.1% $59.8M $70.7M 502.7M 1000.0M
403 Automata Logo Automata ATA Automata 24h Chart $0.16401100 +7.3% $59.3M $43.1M 361.7M 1000.0M
404 AllianceBlock Nexera Logo AllianceBlock Nexera NXRA AllianceBlock Nexera 24h Chart $0.08113800 +4.7% $59.4M $21.1M 732.5M 850.0M
405 Beta Finance Logo Beta Finance BETA Beta Finance 24h Chart $0.09113300 +2.3% $59.0M $30.1M 647.0M 1000.0M
406 XSGD Logo XSGD XSGD XSGD 24h Chart $0.75739800 -0.1% $58.8M $8.4M 77.7M
407 Loom Network (OLD) Logo Loom Network (OLD) LOOMOLD Loom Network (OLD) 24h Chart $0.06943800 -0.4% $57.9M $18.7M 833.9M
408 Badger DAO Logo Badger DAO BADGER Badger DAO 24h Chart $3.00 -0.2% $57.5M $1.9M 19.2M 21.0M
409 Impossible Finance Launchpad Logo Impossible Finance Launchpad IDIA Impossible Finance Launchpad 24h Chart $0.08228100 +5.0% $57.3M $1.2M 696.5M 1000.0M
410 Premia Logo Premia PREMIA Premia 24h Chart $0.90416200 +3.6% $57.3M $0.1M 63.4M 100.0M
411 Globiance Exchange Logo Globiance Exchange GBEX Globiance Exchange 24h Chart $0.00000015 -2.5% $56.6M $1.3T 378.4T 500.0T
412 Moonriver Logo Moonriver MOVR Moonriver 24h Chart $8.53 +1.5% $56.8M $0.3M 6.7M 10.7M
413 ARK Logo ARK ARK ARK 24h Chart $0.33626700 +3.3% $57.8M $15.9M 171.8M
414 Vega Protocol Logo Vega Protocol VEGA Vega Protocol 24h Chart $1.24 -4.0% $56.3M $0.3M 45.4M 65.0M
415 Strike Logo Strike STRK Strike 24h Chart $15.36 +7.8% $55.9M $3.1M 3.6M 6.5M
416 IRISnet Logo IRISnet IRIS IRISnet 24h Chart $0.03837620 -2.6% $55.5M $191.7M 1.4B
417 Aergo Logo Aergo AERGO Aergo 24h Chart $0.12898300 +1.7% $55.5M $59.9M 430.0M 500.0M
418 Dawn Protocol Logo Dawn Protocol DAWN Dawn Protocol 24h Chart $0.73951000 +0.9% $55.1M $1.3M 74.5M
419 Linear Logo Linear LINA Linear 24h Chart $0.01135240 -1.9% $55.3M $2.1B 4.9B 10.0B
420 Stader MaticX Logo Stader MaticX MATICX Stader MaticX 24h Chart $1.21 +1.7% $55.2M $74.7K 45.6M 10.0B
421 SelfKey Logo SelfKey KEY SelfKey 24h Chart $0.00918052 -2.0% $55.1M $1.3B 6.0B
422 Logo PLT 24h Chart $4.59 -0.0% $55.2M $2.7K 12.0M
423 Wanchain Logo Wanchain WAN Wanchain 24h Chart $0.27685400 +2.4% $54.3M $4.4M 196.3M 210.0M
424 SOMESING Exchange Logo SOMESING Exchange SSX SOMESING Exchange 24h Chart $0.01975290 +0.2% $54.3M $56.1M 2.8B 6.0B
425 BoringDAO [OLD] Logo BoringDAO [OLD] BOR BoringDAO [OLD] 24h Chart $33.86 +4.7% $0.4 0.2M
426 Metadium Logo Metadium META Metadium 24h Chart $0.03182670 +2.8% $53.7M $100.4M 1.7B
427 Phoenix Global [OLD] Logo Phoenix Global [OLD] PHB Phoenix Global [OLD] 24h Chart $0.01580630 -0.5% $53.5M $1.8K 3.4B 3.4B
428 TomoChain Logo TomoChain TOMO TomoChain 24h Chart $0.58839300 +10.7% $53.2M $21.6M 90.5M
429 Logo SFUND 24h Chart $1.09 -0.4% $53.1M $2.0M 48.5M
430 SingularityDAO Logo SingularityDAO SDAO SingularityDAO 24h Chart $0.69968500 +2.2% $53.2M $7.8M 76.0M 100.0M
431 MovieBloc Logo MovieBloc MBL MovieBloc 24h Chart $0.00336286 +2.3% $52.9M $522.4M 15.7B 30.0B
432 Storj Logo Storj STORJ Storj 24h Chart $0.36942800 +1.7% $53.1M $18.7M 143.8M
433 BOB Logo BOB BOB BOB 24h Chart $1.00 -0.3% $52.5M $4.8M 52.5M
434 Orchid Protocol Logo Orchid Protocol OXT Orchid Protocol 24h Chart $0.08926200 +2.4% $52.8M $13.1M 591.5M
435 Uquid Coin Logo Uquid Coin UQC Uquid Coin 24h Chart $5.25 +4.1% $52.5M $0.3M 10.0M
436 Radiant Capital Logo Radiant Capital RDNT Radiant Capital 24h Chart $0.34143600 -8.4% $52.6M $48.0M 154.0M 1000.0M
437 Persistence Logo Persistence XPRT Persistence 24h Chart $0.33793000 +1.1% $52.2M $1.7M 154.6M 403.3M
438 Velas Logo Velas VLX Velas 24h Chart $0.02148080 -0.4% $52.2M $51.4M 2.4B
439 Yield Guild Games Logo Yield Guild Games YGG Yield Guild Games 24h Chart $0.27930500 +0.0% $51.7M $48.5M 185.1M 1000.0M
440 NvirWorld Logo NvirWorld NVIR NvirWorld 24h Chart $0.05366600 -1.7% $51.8M $43.0M 965.8M 10.7B
441 Klever Logo Klever KLV Klever 24h Chart $0.00574036 +3.8% $51.5M $224.4M 9.0B 10.0B
442 Dola Logo Dola DOLA Dola 24h Chart $0.99122000 -0.6% $51.2M $0.3M 51.6M
443 Krypton DAO Logo Krypton DAO KRD Krypton DAO 24h Chart $0.49992700 +9.3% $51.2M $16.6K 102.5M 10.0B
444 Gods Unchained Logo Gods Unchained GODS Gods Unchained 24h Chart $0.24429700 -0.3% $51.1M $6.4M 209.2M 500.0M
445 Meter Governance Logo Meter Governance MTRG Meter Governance 24h Chart $3.03 +7.7% $51.0M $62.7K 16.8M
446 Cortex Logo Cortex CTXC Cortex 24h Chart $0.24065700 -0.2% $50.5M $19.6M 209.9M
447 Kujira Logo Kujira KUJI Kujira 24h Chart $0.45603200 +3.0% $50.5M $0.3M 110.7M 122.4M
448 Koda Cryptocurrency Logo Koda Cryptocurrency KODA Koda Cryptocurrency 24h Chart $0.00005249 -2.3% $407.9M 33.0B
449 CUBE Logo CUBE ITAMCUBE CUBE 24h Chart $0.07130300 +1.4% $50.1M $7.0K 702.2M 10.0B
450 Kishu Inu Logo Kishu Inu KISHU Kishu Inu 24h Chart $0.00000000 -0.6% $50.1M $1287.3T 96834.9T
451 MrWeb Finance [OLD] Logo MrWeb Finance [OLD] AMA MrWeb Finance [OLD] 24h Chart $0.00025038 $7.5K $594.7 30.0M 50.0B
451 Telos Logo Telos TLOS Telos 24h Chart $0.16002300 -6.2% $50.1M $9.8M 313.0M
452 Aura BAL Logo Aura BAL AURABAL Aura BAL 24h Chart $17.41 +7.2% $50.0M $4.0K 2.9M
453 Rich Quack Logo Rich Quack QUACK Rich Quack 24h Chart $0.00000000 +1.6% $49.6M $1963.5T 44156.7T 100000.0T
454 Clash of Lilliput Logo Clash of Lilliput COL Clash of Lilliput 24h Chart $0.60216600 +1.3% $49.4M $0.2M 82.0M 1000.0M
455 Efinity Logo Efinity EFI Efinity 24h Chart $0.07932600 +3.8% $49.3M $8.4M 621.0M 2.0B
456 SX Network Logo SX Network SX SX Network 24h Chart $0.12414200 -1.1% $49.3M $3.1M 396.8M 1000.0M
457 Gifto Logo Gifto GFT Gifto 24h Chart $0.04931590 -2.9% $49.3M $250.7M 1000.0M 1000.0M
458 Dopex Rebate Logo Dopex Rebate RDPX Dopex Rebate 24h Chart $35.96 -4.3% $48.7M $17.8K 1.4M
459 SuperVerse Logo SuperVerse SUPER SuperVerse 24h Chart $0.12132900 +2.8% $49.0M $32.8M 403.8M 1000.0M
460 MXC Logo MXC MXC MXC 24h Chart $0.02012640 +1.1% $49.1M $26.5M 2.4B
461 GMT Token Logo GMT Token GMT GMT Token 24h Chart $0.11354000 +2.4% $48.7M $4.5M 428.9M 10.0B
462 flexUSD Logo flexUSD FLEXUSD flexUSD 24h Chart $0.24822000 -0.4% $48.7M $3.5K 196.3M
463 ALEX Lab Logo ALEX Lab ALEX ALEX Lab 24h Chart $0.10730100 -6.3% $48.5M $4.1M 452.2M 1000.0M
464 Gas Logo Gas GAS Gas 24h Chart $3.48 +0.7% $48.5M $0.7M 13.9M
465 Verge Logo Verge XVG Verge 24h Chart $0.00291416 +1.6% $48.1M $309.0M 16.5B
466 Bitcicoin Logo Bitcicoin BITCI Bitcicoin 24h Chart $0.00628308 -1.6% $48.4M $94.2M 7.7B 100.0B
467 Alpaca Finance Logo Alpaca Finance ALPACA Alpaca Finance 24h Chart $0.31402600 +2.2% $47.9M $5.8M 152.5M 188.0M
468 Utrust Logo Utrust UTK Utrust 24h Chart $0.10177500 +5.5% $47.8M $25.7M 470.0M 500.0M
469 ThunderCore Logo ThunderCore TT ThunderCore 24h Chart $0.00468622 +2.3% $47.6M $339.1M 10.2B
470 BitMEX Logo BitMEX BMEX BitMEX 24h Chart $0.47377000 -8.1% $47.3M $0.2M 99.8M 450.0M
471 Euler Logo Euler EUL Euler 24h Chart $2.85 -6.4% $46.7M $0.3M 16.4M 27.2M
472 KILT Protocol Logo KILT Protocol KILT KILT Protocol 24h Chart $0.40170500 +1.9% $46.7M $54.9K 116.2M 290.6M
473 IX Logo IX IXT IX 24h Chart $0.57087200 -0.0% $46.6M $0.2M 81.6M
474 Flamingo Finance Logo Flamingo Finance FLM Flamingo Finance 24h Chart $0.10182100 +8.5% $46.7M $13.4M 458.6M
475 Firmachain Logo Firmachain FCT Firmachain 24h Chart $0.07306300 +2.1% $46.8M $69.2M 640.1M
476 Lyra Finance Logo Lyra Finance LYRA Lyra Finance 24h Chart $0.14621300 +0.9% $46.5M $1.9M 318.1M 1000.0M
477 Unizen Logo Unizen ZCX Unizen 24h Chart $0.07868700 +0.3% $46.4M $7.5M 590.1M 1000.0M
478 ThetaDrop Logo ThetaDrop TDROP ThetaDrop 24h Chart $0.00419936 +3.4% $46.4M $19.5M 11.1B 20.0B
479 Star Atlas DAO Logo Star Atlas DAO POLIS Star Atlas DAO 24h Chart $0.26279400 -4.0% $46.3M $0.5M 176.3M 360.0M
480 League of Kingdoms Logo League of Kingdoms LOKA League of Kingdoms 24h Chart $0.52002700 +2.0% $46.2M $10.5M 88.8M
481 Phoenix Global Logo Phoenix Global PHB Phoenix Global 24h Chart $1.15 +7.1% $46.2M $7.5M 40.2M
482 Raydium Logo Raydium RAY Raydium 24h Chart $0.24767300 +0.7% $46.2M $9.6M 186.6M 555.0M
483 TempleDAO Logo TempleDAO TEMPLE TempleDAO 24h Chart $0.81211300 -0.0% $45.2M $2.5K 55.7M 176.7M
484 LTO Network Logo LTO Network LTO LTO Network 24h Chart $0.10911000 +0.2% $45.0M $25.0M 412.3M 500.0M
485 Logo YFII 24h Chart $1,134.00 +1.7% $45.1M $9.7K 39.7K 40.0K
486 Doge Killer Logo Doge Killer LEASH Doge Killer 24h Chart $417.58 +1.8% $44.9M $2.8K 0.1M 0.1M
487 Carry Logo Carry CRE Carry 24h Chart $0.00497623 -0.3% $43.9M $311.5M 8.8B
489 ParaSwap Logo ParaSwap PSP ParaSwap 24h Chart $0.04796430 -0.5% $43.6M $2.2M 908.3M 2.0B
490 Axion Logo Axion AXN Axion 24h Chart $0.00000979 -6.7% $442.9M
491 sUSD Logo sUSD SUSD sUSD 24h Chart $1.01 +0.2% $43.5M $4.3M 43.1M 43.1M
492 Shiba Predator Logo Shiba Predator QOM Shiba Predator 24h Chart $0.00000007 +1.5% $43.3M $13.6T 600.0T 1000.0T
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