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Market Rank #285
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Total Supply 1.9B
Max Supply 1.9B

What is the current price of STP (STPT)?

The current price of STP (STPT) is $ 0.06481500. Over the past 24 hours, the price has decreased by -0.74%%.

What Is STP (STPT)?

STP, also known as the Standard Tokenization Protocol, aims to create an open-source standard for the tokenization of assets across global blockchain networks. The protocol defines a set of guidelines and a foundational framework for issuers looking to create and issue tokenized assets in a compliant and secure manner. With its focus on building an identity layer for what it calls "Autonomous Worlds," STP is set on providing infrastructure, platforms for tooling, and data indexing services to elevate on-chain identity systems.

Who Is Behind STP (STPT)?

While the specific founders of STP (STPT) are not mentioned, it is developed and maintained by a team of developers and project managers who are focused on creating scalable solutions for asset tokenization and autonomous world identity layers. This team collaborates to drive the project's mission and facilitates the development of the STP network's various components and services.

How does STP (STPT) Work?

STP works by employing a mechanism known as account abstraction. This allows for a more user-friendly and seamless onboarding experience for users looking to navigate Autonomous Worlds (AW). Essentially, account abstraction means that user accounts can be more flexible and programmable, offering a range of features that standard blockchain wallet addresses cannot. Through its "Clique AW" platform, STP aims to support the next generation of builders and users in these decentralized environments.

What Is the Clique AW Platform?

The Clique AW platform is a pivotal component of the STP ecosystem, designed to enable an efficient onboarding process for users and a supportive infrastructure for creators in Autonomous Worlds. The platform provides tools such as an Account Generator that uses account abstraction to help users easily manage their identities and transactions within the AW landscape. Additionally, an Asset Portal toolkit within Clique AW facilitates asset ownership and exchanges through customizable marketplaces and decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

What Are the Key Features of the Account Generator and Asset Portal by STP?

The Account Generator feature of STP's Clique AW platform functions as a passport or digital banking username for users traversing various AW applications. It's designed to be scalable and modular, suitable for any Autonomous World project.

The Asset Portal aspect of STP provides toolkits for the ownership and trading of on-chain assets. This is aimed to enhance accessibility to digital assets through marketplaces and DEXs that users can customize based on their needs and preferences.

What Are the Future Plans for STP (STPT)?

STP has unveiled Phase 1 of their Clique AW platform, focusing on supporting builders and users in Autonomous Worlds. The future plans include expanding the capabilities of the Account Generator and Asset Portal, further improving the user experience within these decentralized environments. By leveraging account abstraction and providing the necessary tooling, STP intends to facilitate seamless onboarding and asset management for a growing number of users in the evolving landscape of Autonomous Worlds.

What Makes STP (STPT) Unique?

STP is unique in that it specifically focuses on developing a comprehensive identity layer for Autonomous Worlds, which are environments with elevated forms of on-chain identity. Its unique selling proposition lies in its efforts to streamline the user experience across these decentralized worlds, promoting accessibility through user-friendly account management and asset trading systems.

How Is the STP Network Secured?

While specific details about the STP network's security measures are not provided, standard blockchain security practices such as cryptographic encryption, consensus mechanisms, and smart contract audits are typically employed by blockchain projects to ensure network security. Users and potential developers interested in security details are encouraged to seek out the STP's official documentation for in-depth information.

How Can You Purchase STP (STPT)?

STP (STPT) can be purchased on the Bibox, CoinEx, Coinone, Huobi, BitMart. Potential buyers should conduct their research and use these platforms to make trades while always ensuring to practice safe trading habits and secure their investments appropriately.

How Can You Store STP (STPT) Safely?

To keep STP (STPT) safe, it is crucial to store it in a secure wallet that supports the token. Wallet options include hardware wallets, which offer offline storage and are considered one of the safest methods, as well as trusted software wallets with strong security measures in place. Always ensure that your private keys are kept confidential and secure, and consider using multi-factor authentication for additional layers of security.

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