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Rank #6

$ 3,504.74 +0.00%

Lido Staked Ether Price (STETH)

Lido Staked Ether to USD Price Chart

Lido Staked Ether Statistics

Market Rank #6
Market Cap $ 33.6B
Volume 24h $ 57.9M
Circ. Supply 9.6M
Total Supply 9.6M
Max Supply ?

What Is the Current Price of Lido Staked Ether (STETH) Today?

The current price of Lido Staked Ether (STETH) is $ 3,504.74.

What Is Lido Staked Ether (STETH) and How Does It Work?

Lido Staked Ether (STETH) is a cryptocurrency token representing the staked Ethereum in the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain. When you stake your Ethereum via Lido, you receive STETH in return, which mimics the value of your staked Ethereum plus rewards.

Who Created Lido Staked Ether and What Was Their Motivation?

Lido Staked Ether was developed by the Lido decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The motivation behind its creation was to facilitate Ethereum staking in a more liquid and decentralized manner, allowing staked Ethereum to still be utilized within the Ethereum ecosystem as STETH tokens.

What Makes Lido Staked Ether Different from Other Cryptocurrencies?

Lido Staked Ether differs from other cryptocurrencies as it represents staked Ethereum in the Ethereum 2.0 beacon chain and provides liquidity to the staked Ethereum. This means STETH token holders receive staking rewards while still being able to participate in the DeFi ecosystem.

What Is the Staking Process and How Does It Affect the Value of Lido Staked Ether?

Staking Ethereum into the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract through Lido allows users to participate in securing the network and earning staking rewards. When Ethereum is staked through Lido, it increases the demand for STETH and subsequently its value.

How Many Lido Staked Ether Tokens Are Currently in Circulation?

The current circulating supply of Lido Staked Ether is 9.6M.

How Has Lido Staked Ether's Price Changed Recently?

The price of Lido Staked Ether has recently increased by +0.00%.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Lido Staked Ether (STETH) Safely?

Lido Staked Ether (STETH) can be purchased safely on the following, Huobi.

How Can I Securely Store My Lido Staked Ether?

Your Lido Staked Ether can be securely stored in any wallet compatible with Ethereum-based tokens, such as Metamask or Ledger. Always ensure to keep your private keys safe to avoid losing your investments.

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