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Rank #224

$ 0.29765200 +18.47%

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Loopring Statistics

Market Rank #224
Market Cap $ 370.9M
Volume 24h $ 41.4M
Circ. Supply 1.2B
Total Supply 1.4B
Max Supply 1.4B
Genesis Date 1/8/2017

What is the current price of Loopring (LRC)?

At the moment, the current price of Loopring (LRC) is $ 0.29765200.

What Is Loopring (LRC)?

Loopring (LRC) is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) constructed on an Ethereum Layer-2 solution named zkRollup. Loopring protocol incorporates Automated Market Maker (AMM)-based and orderbook-based exchanges. It's specifically designed to dramatically enhance speed and cut costs within the Ethereum network.

Who created Loopring?

The Loopring project was initiated in 2017 by a team of blockchain enthusiasts and experts. The platform has been continually developed and improved since its inception, striving to perfect its high speed and low cost trading environment.

How does Loopring work?

Loopring operates using zkRollup, an Ethereum Layer-2 solution. This technology essentially transfers various computations off the Ethereum blockchain, only utilizing the Ethereum network as a data layer and a verification layer. With this arrangement, Loopring can achieve a throughput of 2,025 trades per second, a marked improvement over Ethereum's existing throughput of 15 transactions per second.

Why is Loopring unique?

Loopring sets itself apart with its impressive performance that supports professional trading. Market makers and traders can deploy algorithmic strategies and automated trading bots on the platform, a function not previously possible on other DEXs due to their slow speed and high costs. Building on Loopring 3.0, orderbook-based DEXs have become commercially viable for the first time. Loopring's creators believe this development could lead to non-custodial exchanges outcompeting and displacing many centralized exchanges.

What is zkRollup technology?

zkRollup technology is a specialized Ethereum Layer-2 solution. It strategically shifts computations off the Ethereum blockchain, reducing the network's load. The Ethereum network is used only as a data layer and a verification layer under this system. This reconfiguration dramatically increases speed and cuts costs within the Ethereum network, the underpinning of Loopring's impressive performance.

How many Loopring (LRC) coins are in circulation?

As of now, there's a circulating supply of 1.2B LRC.

What makes Loopring's performance unique?

Loopring boasts an exceptional performance level, primarily due to its adoption of the Ethereum Layer-2 solution, zkRollup. This implementation results in a greatly improved transaction speed - as high as 2,025 trades per second. Such an impressive rate allows for the utilization of algorithmic strategies and trading bots, making it an ideal platform for professional traders and market makers. Additionally, the cost of trading on Loopring is minimal, achieving a cost per trade settlement as little as $0.00015.

Where can I buy Loopring (LRC)?

Loopring (LRC) can be bought on the following exchanges: Binance, Indodax, Bitkub, Korbit. Always remember to approach cryptocurrency trading with caution, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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