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$ 0.00237299 +9.48%

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Market Rank #179
Market Cap $ 421.5M
Volume 24h $ 15.0M
Circ. Supply 177.6B
Total Supply 177.6B
Max Supply ?

What's the latest price of Holo (HOT)?

As of today, Holo (HOT) has a price of $ 0.00237299, having experienced a increased of +9.48% in the last 24 hours. Holo has a market capitalization of $ 421.5M, earning it the rank of #180 in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Holo (HOT) exactly?

Holo, also known by its ticker symbol HOT, is an innovative post-blockchain technology. In contrast to conventional blockchain systems, where data is stored in a centralized chain, Holo uses a distributed approach. It introduces agent-based systems with user autonomy directly integrated into its architecture and protocols. This means that users regain control over their data, without the risk of it being exposed or sold to third parties.

In Holo, each agent in the public blockchain keeps a private fork. It is managed and stored on the public blockchain with a distributed hash table. With no true global consensus maintained, scalability limitations are dramatically reduced. In fact, decentralized apps (dapps) built on Holo can achieve much more with less resources than those built on typical blockchains.

Who are the creators of Holo?

Holo was crafted by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun. These two have been creating alternative currencies since the 1980s, showing their deep experience and understanding of the digital currency realm. Their work on Holo preceded even the development of the original Bitcoin whitepaper. In line with their commitment to preserving user incentives, the duo established a non-profit foundation to hold ownership of Holochain.

How does Holo work?

Fundamentally, Holochain enables any device to have its own chain-based ledger system. By employing a holographic model for data storage and transfer, developers can create dapps that can fully scale across a network. This facilitates each device on the network to function independently, only needing to synchronize data when necessary or agreed upon by users.

Holo's framework allows developers to build these dapps, shifting the paradigm from data-centric to an agent-centric system. Furthermore, Holochain accommodates new languages flexibly, offering the potential for even more growth and innovation.

What sets Holo apart from other cryptocurrencies?

Holo's uniqueness lies primarily in its structural design and the associated efficiency and user-control benefits. Unlike conventional blockchains, Holo's technology consumes only a fraction of the bandwidth. This is mainly because there is no requirement for each agent to store and authenticate the global blockchain. Moreover, Holo does not involve any mining activity, eliminating the need for electricity or processing power spent on proof-of-work calculations. This empowers Holo to present itself as an environmentally-friendly option within the cryptocurrency landscape.

How many Holo tokens (HOT) are there in circulation?

As of today, there are 177.6B HOT tokens in circulation. The total supply of HOT tokens is capped at 177.6B, with no more tokens to be created beyond this limit.

Where can you purchase Holo (HOT)?

Holo (HOT) can be purchased on a number of different cryptocurrency exchanges. The exact platforms where HOT is available change over time, it's always the best idea to check out OceanEx, Bitci, BigONE, BTCTurk, Binance to get the most current and accurate information.

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