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$ 3.46 +3.50%

Helium Price (HNT)

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Helium Statistics

Market Rank #134
Market Cap $ 575.9M
Volume 24h $ 4.3M
Circ. Supply 166.4M
Total Supply 223.0M
Max Supply 223.0M

How Much Is Helium (HNT) Worth Today?

Helium (HNT) has a current price of $ 3.46. Over the past 24 hours, its value has increased by +3.50%. This price reflects its current market capitalization, which gives it a rank of #135 amongst all cryptocurrencies. The trading volume over the last 24 hours is 4.3M.

What Is Helium (HNT)?

Helium is a decentralized blockchain network specifically designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Its primary goal is to provide a wireless infrastructure for connected devices that allows them to communicate with the Internet and each other at a lower cost and with greater efficiency than traditional Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The network is powered by a physical blockchain, and it is maintained by gateways installed by users, which also act as miners.

Who Created Helium?

The Helium network was created by Helium Inc, which is a company focused on building a decentralized machine network. While the founders' names are not directly mentioned here, they are known individuals who have pooled their expertise to give rise to this innovative cryptocurrency project.

How Does Helium Work?

Helium works through a network of hotspots, which are a combination of wireless gateways and blockchain mining devices. Hotspot owners earn Helium tokens by providing network coverage and for validating wireless transactions as devices connect to the internet through their hotspots. This process creates what is known as a decentralized wireless network that is built and operated by the community.

What Makes Helium Unique?

Unlike traditional mining, which requires significant computational power, Helium uses a novel work algorithm called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC). This consensus algorithm rewards users for providing wireless coverage. Helium hotspots, which provide this coverage, must prove they are located where they claim and they are accurately representing the wireless network's coverage.

How Is Helium (HNT) Mined?

Helium is mined through these hotspots, which are spread by the users themselves. There was no pre-mine for Helium; instead, new Helium tokens are minted monthly, with approximately 5,000,000 new Helium introduced to the network currently.

How Is Helium Distributed Every Mining Period?

At the end of each mining period, which is roughly every 30 to 60 minutes, Helium is distributed among hotspot owners according to specific allocations. The allocations may include considerations for the coverage hotspots provide as well as a share going to Helium Inc and initial investors, although this allocation is not specified in detail here.

How Is the Helium Network Secured?

The security of the Helium network rests on its innovative consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Coverage, which ensures that hotspots are honestly representing the wireless coverage they provide. Additionally, this system incentivizes a wide distribution of hotspots, which enhances the overall robustness and security of the network.

How Many Helium (HNT) Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The circulating supply of Helium is 166.4M tokens. There is a fixed cap on the total supply of Helium, to ensure scarcity and deflationary principles, which is set to 223.0M tokens.

What Is Helium’s Role in the Internet of Things?

Helium aims to be the foundational layer for the Internet of Things by creating a low-cost, ubiquitous wireless network. As IoT devices proliferate, Helium's role is to provide them with connectivity, encouraging further expansion of smart devices and their use in day-to-day life.

Where Can You Buy Helium (HNT)?

Helium (HNT) can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges that list it. Users can buy and trade Helium tokens on Coinbase Pro, Gemini, CoinEx, KuCoin, Indodax. When looking to buy Helium, always use a reputable exchange, and consider the security of your investment.

How to Keep Your Helium Safe?

Keeping your Helium (HNT) tokens safe is similar to safeguarding any other cryptocurrency. It's important to use a secure wallet, whether a hardware, software, or mobile one, and to ensure that your private keys are stored safely and never shared with anyone else. Regularly updating your wallet software and using strong, unique passwords can also help protect your assets.

By being informed and attentive about Helium and how it functions within the cryptocurrency space, interested parties can navigate the Helium ecosystem with greater confidence and security.

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