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$ 0.88702300 +12.05%

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Market Rank #100
Market Cap $ 1.0B
Volume 24h $ 180.7M
Circ. Supply 1.2B
Total Supply
Max Supply ?
Genesis Date 1/7/2017

Has the price of EOS changed today?

Yes, the price of EOS today is $ 0.88702300 which increased by +12.05% in the last 24 hours.

What exactly is EOS?

EOS is a cryptocurrency that was designed with speed and scalability in mind. It is a blockchain-based, decentralized system that enables the development, hosting, and execution of commercial-scale decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform. EOS operates on a unique model with the aim to provide a complete operating system for dApps with services like user authentication, cloud storage, and server hosting.

Who are the creators of EOS?

EOS was created by Dan Larimer and Brendan Blumer. Larimer is a software programmer who has also co-founded the blockchain social platform Steemit and the decentralized exchange BitShares. Blumer, on the other hand, is a technology entrepreneur who has been involved in the blockchain industry since its earliest days. They worked together under the banner of Block.one, the company responsible for the initial development of EOS. However, the core development has now been handed over to the community.

How does EOS work?

EOS aims to make dApp development easy by providing an operating-system-like set of services and functions that dApps can make use of. The idea is to enable developers to focus more on their business logic rather than dealing with the usual details of blockchain development. EOS operates on a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which allows scalability and flexibility, but with fewer nodes confirming transactions, offering a balance between transparency and efficiency.

What makes EOS unique?

EOS's unique proposition is its emphasis on scalability, providing a platform that can support thousands of commercial-scale dApps without hitting performance bottlenecks. This is achieved through its ingenious consensus mechanism and parallel processing of transactions, which enables potentially millions of transactions per second.

What about the EOS circulating and total supply?

Currently, the circulating supply of EOS is 1.2B out of a total supply of .

What's the market cap and rank of EOS?

The market cap of EOS is $ 1.0B, ranking it #101 in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Where can one purchase EOS cryptocurrency?

EOS can be bought on Binance, CoinEx, OceanEx, where it's actively traded. Always remember to do your own research before making any investment decision and only invest what you can afford to lose.

How can you keep your EOS safe?

To keep your EOS safe, it's highly recommended to use a wallet that you control the private keys to. Transferring your EOS from the exchange to your personal wallet provides an extra layer of security. Moreover, using hardware wallets or secure offline wallets could provide additional security.

What further support is available for EOS users?

EOS Support is an organization started by community members that serves as a concierge for providing user and technical support for customers who use the EOS Network. Their services include coordination efforts for the Mandel consensus upgrade, knowledge base, technical support, and many more for the EOS network.

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