Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $111.4B Market cap $2.5T -2.0% BTC dominance: 52.2% ETH Gas: 9 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
203 Jito Logo Jito JTO Jito 24h Chart $2.42 -9.2% $297.2M $33.1M 122.8M
204 Terra Logo Terra LUNA Terra 24h Chart $0.42798800 -12.4% $294.3M $94.6M 687.7M
205 Dymension Logo Dymension DYM Dymension 24h Chart $1.64 -14.0% $291.5M $15.4M 177.8M
206 0x Protocol Logo 0x Protocol ZRX 0x Protocol 24h Chart $0.33448200 -12.9% $283.5M $76.1M 847.5M 1000.0M
207 Arcblock Logo Arcblock ABT Arcblock 24h Chart $2.85 -2.4% $281.0M $1.2M 98.6M
208 Nexus Mutual Logo Nexus Mutual NXM Nexus Mutual 24h Chart $73.36 -3.4% $279.8M 3.8M 3.8M
209 SKALE Logo SKALE SKL SKALE 24h Chart $0.05359900 -9.5% $277.6M $532.0M 5.2B 7.0B
210 Ravencoin Logo Ravencoin RVN Ravencoin 24h Chart $0.01983690 -10.7% $277.0M $1.3B 14.0B 21.0B
211 AltLayer Logo AltLayer ALT AltLayer 24h Chart $0.18247100 -14.2% $277.5M $430.3M 1.5B 10.0B
212 Enjin Coin Logo Enjin Coin ENJ Enjin Coin 24h Chart $0.18724000 -9.6% $275.4M $176.3M 1.5B
213 Basic Attention Logo Basic Attention BAT Basic Attention 24h Chart $0.18259700 -9.7% $273.0M $382.3M 1.5B 1.5B
214 Dash Logo Dash DASH Dash 24h Chart $22.92 -8.1% $271.4M $1.5M 11.8M
215 Turbo Logo Turbo TURBO Turbo 24h Chart $0.00387689 -5.8% $267.5M $14.4B 69.0B 69.0B
216 Mythos Logo Mythos MYTH Mythos 24h Chart $0.40313700 -2.6% $268.7M $1.2M 666.4M 1000.0M
217 Reserve Rights Logo Reserve Rights RSR Reserve Rights 24h Chart $0.00531694 -9.1% $269.0M $6.1B 50.6B 100.0B
218 Frax Share Logo Frax Share FXS Frax Share 24h Chart $3.35 -14.7% $267.9M $14.3M 80.0M 99.7M
219 EthereumPoW Logo EthereumPoW ETHW EthereumPoW 24h Chart $2.45 -12.4% $264.2M $4.5M 107.8M
220 Amp Logo Amp AMP Amp 24h Chart $0.00476435 -8.7% $267.4M $2.2B 56.1B 99.7B
221 JUST Logo JUST JST JUST 24h Chart $0.02693270 -3.5% $266.6M $1.3B 9.9B 9.9B
222 Qtum Logo Qtum QTUM Qtum 24h Chart $2.53 -9.4% $266.1M $7.8M 105.2M
223 GMX Logo GMX GMX GMX 24h Chart $27.84 -9.7% $265.5M $1.1M 9.5M 13.2M
224 OriginTrail Logo OriginTrail TRAC OriginTrail 24h Chart $0.65284500 -5.2% $264.7M $3.7M 405.4M 500.0M
225 Venom Logo Venom VENOM Venom 24h Chart $0.15779900 -4.2% $261.7M $34.3M 1.7B 8.0B
226 Mog Coin Logo Mog Coin MOG Mog Coin 24h Chart $0.00000073 -9.8% $263.8M $32.5T 360.4T 420.7T
227 Galxe Logo Galxe GAL Galxe 24h Chart $2.21 -13.3% $255.3M $9.0M 115.5M 200.0M
228 Casper Network Logo Casper Network CSPR Casper Network 24h Chart $0.02102180 -6.7% $254.2M $780.0M 12.1B
229 Coin98 Logo Coin98 C98 Coin98 24h Chart $0.17600200 -12.0% $129.2M $95.8M 733.9M 1000.0M
230 API3 Logo API3 API3 API3 24h Chart $2.21 -11.8% $253.9M $15.2M 114.9M 134.3M
231 Aethir Logo Aethir ATH Aethir 24h Chart $0.06589700 +1.9% $249.1M $1.1B 3.8B 42.0B
232 Wrapped Beacon ETH Logo Wrapped Beacon ETH WBETH Wrapped Beacon ETH 24h Chart $3,547.37 -3.2% $251.6M $2.2K 70.9K
233 Chia Logo Chia XCH Chia 24h Chart $23.73 -7.8% $250.8M $1.2M 10.6M
234 SSV Network Logo SSV Network SSV SSV Network 24h Chart $35.45 -10.4% $251.2M $1.3M 7.1M
235 Siacoin Logo Siacoin SC Siacoin 24h Chart $0.00438066 -4.3% $251.9M $2.5B 57.5B
236 Blox Logo Blox CDT Blox 24h Chart $0.36149000 -4.1% $243.9M $0.7M 674.6M
237 Nosana Logo Nosana NOS Nosana 24h Chart $2.88 -9.8% $240.2M $0.9M 83.4M
238 Mask Network Logo Mask Network MASK Mask Network 24h Chart $2.40 -8.6% $240.0M $26.9M 100.0M 100.0M
239 Decred Logo Decred DCR Decred 24h Chart $14.82 -8.7% $239.1M $0.2M 16.1M
240 NetMind Token Logo NetMind Token NMT NetMind Token 24h Chart $6.38 -5.0% $234.5M $0.5M 36.8M 147.6M
241 Yield Guild Games Logo Yield Guild Games YGG Yield Guild Games 24h Chart $0.63048400 -13.2% $234.9M $120.4M 372.6M 1000.0M
242 Popcat Logo Popcat POPCAT Popcat 24h Chart $0.23937500 -18.1% $234.6M $103.9M 980.0M 980.0M
243 Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged (BTC.b) Logo Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged (BTC.b) BTCB Bitcoin Avalanche Bridged (BTC.b) 24h Chart $65,161.00 -0.7% $232.6M $110.1 3.6K
244 Beldex Logo Beldex BDX Beldex 24h Chart $0.03635160 +0.4% $234.4M $20.4M 6.4B
245 Ampleforth Logo Ampleforth AMPL Ampleforth 24h Chart $1.02 -7.4% $227.7M $1.8M 222.2M
246 Tellor Tributes Logo Tellor Tributes TRB Tellor Tributes 24h Chart $87.86 -13.6% $228.2M $0.9M 2.6M
247 ZetaChain Logo ZetaChain ZETA ZetaChain 24h Chart $0.82709800 -14.5% $227.6M $53.1M 275.1M 2.1B
248 Gas Logo Gas GAS Gas 24h Chart $3.49 -6.8% $227.2M $4.1M 65.1M
249 Convex Finance Logo Convex Finance CVX Convex Finance 24h Chart $2.80 -23.9% $229.6M $35.8M 82.0M 100.0M
250 Threshold Network Logo Threshold Network T Threshold Network 24h Chart $0.02285680 -7.8% $222.0M $608.4M 9.7B
251 Tribe Logo Tribe TRIBE Tribe 24h Chart $0.48177300 -1.2% $219.2M $0.1M 455.0M 1000.0M
252 Baby Doge Coin Logo Baby Doge Coin BABYDOGE Baby Doge Coin 24h Chart $0.00000000 -9.7% $219.2M $7467.3T 151392.0T 420000.0T
253 Pixels Logo Pixels PIXEL Pixels 24h Chart $0.27866500 -16.2% $214.9M $179.9M 771.0M 5.0B
254 Flux Logo Flux FLUX Flux 24h Chart $0.61574800 -8.8% $214.6M $28.1M 348.5M
255 tBTC Logo tBTC TBTC tBTC 24h Chart $64,835.00 -1.7% $212.4M $127.5 3.3K
256 Loopring Logo Loopring LRC Loopring 24h Chart $0.16460000 -9.1% $205.1M $137.7M 1.2B 1.4B
257 Centrifuge Logo Centrifuge CFG Centrifuge 24h Chart $0.41466700 -15.8% $204.9M $2.0M 494.2M
258 Escoin Logo Escoin ELG Escoin 24h Chart $1.10 -3.4% $202.6M $0.8M 184.2M
259 OKT Chain Logo OKT Chain OKT OKT Chain 24h Chart $11.46 -6.6% $204.5M $88.4K 17.8M 21.0M
260 BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX Logo BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX SAVAX BENQI Liquid Staked AVAX 24h Chart $29.76 -9.4% $200.0M $0.1M 6.7M
261 Olympus Logo Olympus OHM Olympus 24h Chart $12.16 +0.3% $198.5M $21.3K 16.3M 22.1M
262 Vanar Chain Logo Vanar Chain VANRY Vanar Chain 24h Chart $0.14054200 -12.1% $197.3M $159.0M 1.4B 2.4B
263 UMA Logo UMA UMA UMA 24h Chart $2.41 -13.7% $196.3M $11.2M 81.5M 119.8M
264 SPACE ID Logo SPACE ID ID SPACE ID 24h Chart $0.45493500 -9.3% $195.9M $78.7M 430.5M 2.0B
265 Chromia Logo Chromia CHR Chromia 24h Chart $0.23665800 -6.7% $192.3M $66.6M 812.4M 978.1M
266 Moonbeam Logo Moonbeam GLMR Moonbeam 24h Chart $0.21676700 -9.2% $190.9M $32.0M 880.7M
267 Osaka Protocol Logo Osaka Protocol OSAK Osaka Protocol 24h Chart $0.00000025 -1.7% $190.6M $1.3T 761.5T 1000.0T
268 MimbleWimbleCoin Logo MimbleWimbleCoin MWC MimbleWimbleCoin 24h Chart $17.25 +2.4% $189.0M $584.9 11.0M 20.0M
269 Logo YFI 24h Chart $5,590.68 -8.0% $186.0M $6.4K 33.3K 36.7K
270 Audius Logo Audius AUDIO Audius 24h Chart $0.15049800 -7.4% $185.4M $72.0M 1.2B 1.2B
271 VeThor Logo VeThor VTHO VeThor 24h Chart $0.00238311 -6.8% $184.2M $910.9M 77.3B
272 Ontology Logo Ontology ONT Ontology 24h Chart $0.20322800 -10.2% $184.1M $66.1M 905.7M
273 Harmony Logo Harmony ONE Harmony 24h Chart $0.01471030 -9.9% $181.0M $733.6M 12.3B 13.2B
274 Apu Apustaja Logo Apu Apustaja APU Apu Apustaja 24h Chart $0.00056071 -14.4% $179.3M $22.9B 319.8B 420.7B
276 Decentralized Social Logo Decentralized Social DESO Decentralized Social 24h Chart $16.98 -2.9% $178.8M $16.4K 10.5M 10.8M
277 Metaplex Logo Metaplex MPLX Metaplex 24h Chart $0.33559900 -7.5% $178.2M $12.3M 531.1M 1000.0M
278 CoinEx Logo CoinEx CET CoinEx 24h Chart $0.06167900 -1.5% $177.6M $2.6M 2.9B 10.0B
279 Goldfinch Logo Goldfinch GFI Goldfinch 24h Chart $2.33 -7.9% $176.1M $1.9M 75.6M 114.3M
280 Telcoin Logo Telcoin TEL Telcoin 24h Chart $0.00226299 -11.4% $176.1M $763.8M 77.8B
281 Balancer Logo Balancer BAL Balancer 24h Chart $3.05 -8.3% $174.9M $4.0M 57.3M 96.2M
282 SwissBorg Logo SwissBorg BORG SwissBorg 24h Chart $0.17633600 -9.6% $173.5M $3.4M 984.0M 1000.0M
283 PAAL AI Logo PAAL AI PAAL PAAL AI 24h Chart $0.19769100 -10.7% $168.0M $60.7M 850.0M 1000.0M
284 Universal ETH Logo Universal ETH UNIETH Universal ETH 24h Chart $3,626.17 -3.5% $169.5M $161.2 46.7K
285 Wexo Logo Wexo WEXO Wexo 24h Chart $3.60 +8.5% $187.1M $43.5K 52.0M 928.0M
286 LCX Logo LCX LCX LCX 24h Chart $0.22019100 -4.4% $170.7M $17.5M 775.0M
287 TrueFi Logo TrueFi TRU TrueFi 24h Chart $0.15081500 -9.7% $172.2M $273.7M 1.1B 1.2B
288 Aleph Zero Logo Aleph Zero AZERO Aleph Zero 24h Chart $0.52544600 -2.6% $167.5M $2.3M 318.7M
289 PONKE Logo PONKE PONKE PONKE 24h Chart $0.33669900 -12.6% $168.3M $76.7M 500.0M 555.5M
290 ANDY the Wisguy Logo ANDY the Wisguy ANDY ANDY the Wisguy 24h Chart $0.00016681 -9.7% $166.8M $45.7B 1000.0B 1000.0B
291 RSS3 Logo RSS3 RSS3 RSS3 24h Chart $0.24612300 -11.6% $166.1M $18.9M 674.9M
292 Band Protocol Logo Band Protocol BAND Band Protocol 24h Chart $1.15 -9.9% $164.8M $11.0M 143.3M
293 H2O Dao Logo H2O Dao H2O H2O Dao 24h Chart $0.20209900 -0.8% $163.4M $7.8M 808.3M
294 BounceBit Logo BounceBit BB BounceBit 24h Chart $0.40067600 -15.7% $164.1M $320.7M 409.5M 2.1B
295 Alchemix USD Logo Alchemix USD ALUSD Alchemix USD 24h Chart $0.96523200 -0.1% $161.3M $81.3K 167.1M
296 AI Smart Contract Logo AI Smart Contract 0X0 AI Smart Contract 24h Chart $0.18097100 -10.2% $161.3M $6.4M 891.2M 1000.0M
297 Creditcoin Logo Creditcoin CTC Creditcoin 24h Chart $0.46021700 -2.0% $158.8M $26.7M 345.1M
298 Ondo US Dollar Yield Logo Ondo US Dollar Yield USDY Ondo US Dollar Yield 24h Chart $1.04 -0.8% $156.8M $0.2M 151.2M
299 mCoin Logo mCoin MCOIN mCoin 24h Chart $0.88425300 +2.6% $156.5M $1.2M 177.0M 500.0M
300 Sushi Logo Sushi SUSHI Sushi 24h Chart $0.79549300 -11.7% $153.4M $44.3M 192.8M 250.0M

What is a Crypto Tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or platform that provides real-time information about various cryptocurrencies. It tracks and displays data such as current prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. These trackers often include additional features like historical data, graphs, and comparison tools, helping investors and enthusiasts stay updated with the dynamic crypto market.

What Does Market Cap Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Market cap, short for market capitalization, refers to the total value of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of a single unit of the cryptocurrency by its total circulating supply. Market cap is a crucial indicator used to assess the relative size, stability, and growth potential of different cryptocurrencies.

What is Total Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Total volume in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded in a given time frame, usually 24 hours. It's a vital metric that indicates the liquidity and activity level of that cryptocurrency in the market. High trading volume often suggests strong interest and activity, while low volume can indicate lesser engagement.

What is BTC Dominance?

BTC dominance measures Bitcoin's market capitalization as a percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric to assess Bitcoin's relative size and influence in the crypto market. A high BTC dominance implies a stronger influence of Bitcoin over the market, whereas a lower dominance indicates a more diverse market with other cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

How Are Gas Fees Calculated in Cryptocurrency?

Gas fees in cryptocurrency, particularly in networks like Ethereum, are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. These fees are calculated based on the complexity of the transaction and the network's current demand. High demand and network congestion often result in higher gas fees.

How Are Cryptocurrency Prices Calculated?

Cryptocurrency prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the market. They're influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, regulatory news, and technological developments. Prices fluctuate based on the number of people willing to buy or sell at any given moment, and each exchange may display slightly different prices based on the specific trades occurring on their platform.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Differ on Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency prices can differ across exchanges due to variations in supply and demand in different markets. Factors such as the exchange's user base, geographic location, trading volume, liquidity, and even the speed of processing transactions can influence the price on each platform. Additionally, differences in fees, trading pairs available, and the exchange's reputation can also contribute to price discrepancies.

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