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Rank #160

$ 0.00008122 +6.80%

Terra Luna Classic Price (LUNC)

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Terra Luna Classic Statistics

Market Rank #160
Market Cap $ 443.2M
Volume 24h $ 30.4M
Circ. Supply 5.5T
Total Supply 6.8T
Max Supply ?

Has Terra Luna Classic's price changed today?

At the moment, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is trading at $ 0.00008122. Over the past 24 hours, its value has increased, marking a +6.80% change. As with all cryptocurrencies, price fluctuations are common and can occur due to various market factors.

What Is Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)?

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is the native cryptocurrency of the Terra platform—a decentralized finance (DeFi) network that aims to create a more efficient payment system by leveraging blockchain technology. Built to function as the reserve asset of the Terra ecosystem, LUNC fulfills several roles including participation in the mining process through staking, contributing to the stability of the ecosystem's stablecoins, and incentivizing validators who work to secure the Terra blockchain.

Who created Terra Luna Classic?

Terra Luna Classic was developed by the Terraform Labs team, which is led by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. The team consists of experts in both blockchain and financial industries, and their intention was to bring together the speed and decentralization of blockchain with the day-to-day usability of traditional fiat currencies.

How does Terra Luna Classic work?

Terra Luna Classic works as the backbone of the Terra platform. Users can stake LUNC to mine transactions on the network, which helps to ensure the Terra blockchain is secure and efficient. The staking mechanism also increases the scalability of the network as it incentivizes participation from the community.

Moreover, Terra Luna Classic's designed utility is to maintain the price stability of the ecosystem's stablecoins. These stablecoins are algorithmically pegged to various fiat currencies, and LUNC acts as a form of financial support to preserve this peg. In times of high demand, the supply of LUNC can be contracted to adjust stablecoin supplies, which in turn helps in price stabilization.

What are the core functions of Terra Luna Classic?

Mine Terra transactions through staking

LUNC token holders can stake their tokens to help secure the network and process transactions. In return, they receive rewards from transaction fees.

Supports price stability of Terra stablecoins

LUNC is intended to support the stability of Terra stablecoins by allowing for adjustments in their supply through monetary policy tools embedded within the platform.

Incentivizing Validators

Validators on the Terra network are crucial for maintaining network security and consensus. They are incentivized through rewards in LUNC for their role in validating transactions and securing the network.

How Much Terra Luna Classic is currently in circulation?

The circulating supply of Terra Luna Classic is 5.5T, while the total supply that will ever be in existence is capped at 6.8T. As with most cryptocurrencies, these figures are subject to change as new tokens are minted or burned as part of the network's tokenomics.

How is the Terra network secured?

Terra Luna Classic utilizes a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, where validators stake their LUNC tokens as collateral to verify transactions and create new blocks. This approach is more energy-efficient than Proof of Work (PoW) systems and helps to ensure high security for the network while enabling fast and cost-effective transactions.

What differentiates Terra Luna Classic from other cryptocurrencies?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies which function primarily as a means of value exchange or investment, Terra Luna Classic has a specific focus on powering a stablecoin economy. Its integration with Terra stablecoins and its mechanisms for maintaining price stability are unique aspects that differentiate it from other digital assets.

Where Can You Buy Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)?

You can purchase Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) on various cryptocurrency exchanges listed under KuCoin, BigONE, BTCTurk, Gemini, Gate.io. Remember to exercise proper due diligence and ensure the security of your assets when engaging in any form of trading or investing.

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