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Rank #32

$ 1.32 +9.98%

Artificial Superintelligence Alliance Price (FET)

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Artificial Superintelligence Alliance Statistics

Market Rank #32
Market Cap $ 3.3B
Volume 24h $ 227.3M
Circ. Supply 2.5B
Total Supply 2.6B
Max Supply 2.6B
Genesis Date 25/2/2019

What is the current price of (FET)?

The current price of (FET) is $ 1.32. In the last 24 hours, the price of has increased by +9.98%.

What is (FET)? is a unique project in the cryptocurrency space that aims to combine the disciplines of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology to bring automation and efficiency to the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. It stands out for its focus on the development of Digital Twins - virtual replicas of real-world entities. These virtual entities, influenced by AI, can handle individual financial needs or aggregate and process massive amounts of data to provide on-chain oracles with crucial analytics. is built on an interchain protocol based on the Cosmos-SDK. It employs a powerful WASM-based smart contract language known as Cosmwasm. This language enables intricate cryptographic and machine-learning logic to be implemented on chain, opening up possibilities for advanced AI functionalities within the blockchain technologies.

How does work? operates by creating an automation layer enabled by AI. This layer, called agent-based systems, provide fast, flexible, and economically secure solutions superior to existing oracle networks. This technology allows for the creation of personalized oracles that maintain a user's DeFi positions through decentralized, non-custodial protocols. This enhances the security and ease of cryptocurrency asset management. can function as a layer-2 network for Ethereum, as well as serving as an interchain bridge connecting diverse sections of the wider blockchain ecosystem.

What makes unique? is a unique offering in the crowded blockchain landscape primarily for integrating AI into the crypto-economy. This profound combination allows to deliver solutions that push the boundaries of conventional oracle networks and decentralized finance.

Meanwhile, the project's 'Digital Twins' concept stands out as a novel mechanism for handling individual financial needs or consolidating vast volumes of data to feed into on-chain oracles. The scalability and potential applications of such AI-powered digital entities make an intriguing proposition within the burgeoning DeFi landscape.

How secure is the Network?'s network security is ensured by the inherent features of its foundation technology - the Cosmos-SDK. It is further enhanced by the Cosmwasm smart contract language that allows for the implementation of complex cryptographic logic on-chain.

Moreover, the network's protocols are decentralized and non-custodial, which increases security. The application of AI in automating and managing crypto assets furthers the network's robustness against potential security threats.

How much (FET) is currently in circulation?

The current circulating supply of (FET) is 2.5B.

Where can you buy (FET)?

You can buy (FET) from the following exchanges: BitMax, Mercado Bitcoin, Coinbase Pro, Please keep in mind that before making any purchases, extensive research is crucial. Do not base decisions solely on price or market cap, but consider other metrics and the project's fundamentals as well.

What is's market ranking?

The (FET) holds a market cap rank at #33 with a total market cap of around $ 3.3B.

Is (FET) a worthy investment?

Since the essence of the project is to bring AI solutions to decentralized finance, it is a sound proposition in its niche segment. However, keep in mind that as with any investment, potentials and risks are inherent, and prospective investors must undertake thorough research and possibly seek financial advice before going into any investment.

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