Analytics Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $43.3B Market cap $886.1B -0.9% BTC dominance: 36.8% ETH Gas: 24 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
79 The Graph Logo The Graph GRT The Graph 24h Chart $0.06346600 -2.1% $469.0M $21.9M 7.4B 10.0B
441 Covalent Logo Covalent CQT Covalent 24h Chart $0.09261700 -4.2% $39.1M $0.6M 420.8M 1000.0M
725 DexTools Logo DexTools DEXT DexTools 24h Chart $0.14001900 +0.0% $14.5M $0.4M 103.8M 143.6M
729 PARSIQ Logo PARSIQ PRQ PARSIQ 24h Chart $0.08098000 -0.5% $14.4M $0.2M 177.8M 310.3M
745 Viberate Logo Viberate VIB Viberate 24h Chart $0.07471200 -1.9% $13.6M $1.9M 182.6M
1182 Push Protocol Logo Push Protocol PUSH Push Protocol 24h Chart $0.27518200 -2.0% $4.1M $0.4M 14.8M 100.0M
1200 DogeBonk Logo DogeBonk DOBO DogeBonk 24h Chart $0.00000001 -1.1% $3.9M $676.0 562.6T
1586 UniWhales Logo UniWhales UWL UniWhales 24h Chart $0.23388200 -2.0% $1.6M $13.2K 7.0M 10.0M
2045 Logo VISION 24h Chart $0.54097400 -0.1% $0.7M $10.5 1.3M 5.0M
2172 GraphLinq Protocol Logo GraphLinq Protocol GLQ GraphLinq Protocol 24h Chart $0.00166149 +19.2% $0.6M $0.2M 340.0M 500.0M
2320 Big Data Protocol Logo Big Data Protocol BDP Big Data Protocol 24h Chart $0.01751703 +3.0% $0.4M $94.4K 24.2M 80.0M
2769 ChartEx Logo ChartEx CHART ChartEx 24h Chart $0.00237937 -1.7% $0.2M $1.1K 82.0M 250.0M
2866 Data Economy Index Logo Data Economy Index DATA Data Economy Index 24h Chart $17.37 +1.1% $0.2M $474.2 9.3K
3161 AstroTools Logo AstroTools ASTRO AstroTools 24h Chart $0.03376958 +7.6% $88.9K $13.8K 2.6M 5.0M
3258 KROWN Logo KROWN KRW KROWN 24h Chart $0.00000587 -1.0% $70.4K $34.8 12.0B 10.0B
MoonTools Logo MoonTools MOONS MoonTools 24h Chart $1.08 $998.0 50.0K
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