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Rank #2615

$ 0.00490559 +6.07%

Pillar Price (PLR)

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Pillar Statistics

Market Rank #2615
Market Cap $ 1.3M
Volume 24h $ 417.2
Circ. Supply 259.3M
Total Supply 800.0M
Max Supply ?
Genesis Date 14/7/2017

What is the current price of Pillar (PLR)?

At this exact moment, the price of Pillar (PLR) is $ 0.00490559. Over the past 24 hours, the price has increased by +6.07%.

What's Pillar?

Pillar (PLR) is a next-generation, community-run, multichain, and non-custodial decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet. This digital wallet is unique as it's governed by its native token, PLR. The Pillar project focuses on providing an intuitive and user-friendly method for individuals to manage and interact with the evolving DeFi space, all under one umbrella.

Who created Pillar?

The Pillar project is a community-led initiative. The project is developed and run by a team of dedicated developers and community members committed to the concepts and advantages of decentralized finance. Despite its decentralized nature, Pillar has established an organized, proactive community that guides the progression of the project.

How does Pillar work?

Pillar functions as a smart wallet, allowing users to interact with multiple blockchain networks seamlessly without the need for multiple wallets. This provides a one-stop solution for DeFi interactions, making it easier for individuals to participate in decentralized finance.

In addition to providing an access point to various blockchain networks, Pillar also features a built-in decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. This makes it convenient to complete trades directly within the Pillar wallet, which finds the best trading rates across multiple DEXs using its PLR token as governance token.

How is Pillar unique?

The Pillar project stands out for its emphasis on a community-run and non-custodial approach. Unlike many other digital wallets, Pillar hands control over to the users themselves. With its PLR token, holders have the power to influence the project's progression and features.

Furthermore, Pillar's multichain feature allows users to transact and interact with multiple blockchain ecosystems, all within a single application. This removes the need for multitudes of wallets, simplifying the user experience. In a growing and diversified blockchain space, the ability to interact with various networks easily is a valuable asset.

How secure is the Pillar?

Pillar follows stringent security measures in line with its non-custodial approach. It places emphasis on security and privacy: users retain control of their private keys and no third party has access to the users' funds. In this regard, the user is fully responsible for their wallet’s security.

What is the circulating supply and total supply of Pillar (PLR)?

Currently, the circulating supply of Pillar (PLR) amounts to 259.3M, while the total supply is 800.0M.

What's the market cap of Pillar?

Pillar's (PLR) market capitalization ranking is currently #2616, with a total market cap of $ 1.3M.

Where can you buy Pillar (PLR)?

Pillar (PLR) can be purchased on the following exchanges: Hotbit, HitBTC. Always do your own research and only use reputable exchanges when purchasing cryptocurrency.

How to keep your Pillar tokens safe?

Managing digital assets require diligence and a degree of technical knowledge. Keep in mind that you, as the owner of the tokens, are in full control and are fully responsible for the security of your assets. It is recommended to store your tokens in a secure wallet where you control the private keys, use strong passwords, and enable all available security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA).

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