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Falcon Project Price (FNT)

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Falcon Project Statistics

Market Rank #3804
Market Cap $ 0.1M
Volume 24h $ 31.5
Circ. Supply 13.9B
Total Supply 85.0B
Max Supply ?

What is the current price of Falcon Project (FNT)?

The Falcon Project (FNT) is currently valued at $ 0.00000964, reflecting a increased in value of +0.00% over the past 24 hours. Keeping in mind that cryptocurrency markets are volatile, these figures will fluctuate over time.

What Is Falcon Project (FNT)?

Falcon Project is a multifaceted cryptocurrency ecosystem designed to offer users flexibility in how they interact with blockchain technology. It comprises two interlinked blockchains; one based on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 token) for ease-of-use and accessibility, and the second is Falcon's own blockchain, designed for optional anonymous transactions. These two chains are freely interchangeable at a 1:1 ratio, allowing users to choose between speed, convenience, and Ethereum's wide-ranging adoption, against privacy and anonymity provided by Falcon's native blockchain.

How does Falcon Project work?

Falcon Project's unique feature is its dual-blockchain architecture. On one hand, users have an ERC-20 token, which benefits from Ethereum's robust ecosystem, ensuring compatibility with a multitude of wallets and exchanges. On the other, there's the native Falcon blockchain, which permits optional anonymity for users who prioritize privacy in their transactions. The seamless swap between these two entities is facilitated through a swap form available on Falcon Project's official website, providing users autonomy to switch based on their current needs.

What makes Falcon Project unique?

One of the hallmarks of Falcon Project is its introduction of return vouchers based on the ERC-1155 standard, which offers a distinct approach to mining, known as Proof of Hold. Holders of Falcon's assets can convert their tokens into these vouchers which not only ensures the safety of their deposit but also entitles them to a significant yield of 40% per annum. This eliminates the need for energy-intensive mining, as typical in traditional Proof of Work systems, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

How is Falcon Project's mining system different?

Falcon Project departs from conventional mining methodologies by implementing a 'Proof of Hold' concept, a unique system where mining is achieved through holding deposit vouchers. These vouchers, functioning as proof of the user's stake, enable mining without the usual electricity or hardware requirements. This system not only reduces the environmental footprint but also simplifies the process for users, who can earn rewards by merely holding the asset.

How does Falcon Project promote privacy and anonymity?

Falcon Project's own blockchain supports optional anonymous transactions, providing users with the capability to maintain privacy. The project leverages technology that masks transaction details, giving users the discretion to opt for anonymity whenever they choose to transact on Falcon's blockchain, rather than Ethereum's transparent network.

What Is the circulating and total supply of Falcon Project (FNT)?

The circulating supply of Falcon Project (FNT) tokens currently stands at 13.9B, with a cap set on the total supply at 85.0B. This finite supply is akin to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, intending to add scarcity and potential value retention over time.

Where can you buy Falcon Project (FNT)?

Falcon Project (FNT) can be purchased on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the exchanges where FNT is listed include SouthXchange. Buyers should always ensure they are using reputable platforms and practice secure trading habits.

How can you keep your Falcon Project (FNT) safe?

Keeping your Falcon Project (FNT) tokens safe involves following standard cryptocurrency security practices. This includes using hardware wallets for long-term storage, enabling two-factor authentication where possible, never sharing private keys with anyone, and being cautious of phishing sites and scams. Remember, security is paramount when handling digital assets.

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