Rank #281

$ 22.27 -0.18%


FINSCHIA to USD Price Chart

FINSCHIA Statistics

Market Rank #281
Market Cap $ 176.7M
Volume 24h $ 0.2M
Circ. Supply 7.9M
Total Supply 7.9M
Max Supply ?

What is the current price of FINSCHIA (FNSA)?

As of the latest available data, the price of FINSCHIA (FNSA) is $ 22.27. Remember, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly within short periods of time.


FINSCHIA, also known by its ticker symbol FNSA, is a digital token created by Line Corporation, which is a subsidiary of the South Korean internet search company, Naver Corporation. FNSCHIA is designed to fuel LINE's token economy and serves a versatile role within the LINE ecosystem. From content and commerce to social, gaming, and digital asset exchange, FINSCHIA can be used as a medium of exchange, providing utility and value to the users of LINE’s services.

Who Created FINSCHIA?

The FINSCHIA token is the brainchild of the LINE Corporation, itself a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, a prominent South Korean internet search entity. LINE Corporation has aimed to leverage the widespread reach of its services to foster a thriving token economy where users can earn, spend, and utilize tokens across a network of applications and services.

How Does FINSCHIA Work?

FINSCHIA works as a digital token within the LINE ecosystem, used to pay for or receive benefits across various LINE service categories. It is unique as it maintains a minimum value of USD 5 when used for transactions within LINE’s platform, although its market value can fluctuate based on broader market conditions.

The token is also distributed as rewards through BITBOX, an exchange platform associated with LINE, to incentivize user participation and engagement. Various promotions related to FINSCHIA, such as trading volume rewards and deposit bonuses, are aimed at increasing its utility and circulation.

How Is FINSCHIA Linked to the BITBOX Exchange?

The BITBOX exchange serves as a platform for users to trade FINSCHIA and other assets, and it has integrated FINSCHIA seamlessly into its operations. When users pay trading fees on BITBOX with FINSCHIA, not only will the token be accepted at a paid minimum value of USD 5, but BITBOX also offers an additional discount of USD 1 for every FINSCHIA used to cover transaction fees. This mechanism encourages users to hold and use FINSCHIA for their transactions on the BITBOX platform.

What Makes FINSCHIA Unique?

The unique proposition of FINSCHIA lies in its integration with the LINE ecosystem. FINSCHIA holds a configured minimum value when used within the ecosystem for payments, acting as a stable means of transaction for LINE’s services. The strategy to underpin the token with a minimum value is a distinctive approach that adds a layer of stability typically not seen in the cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, FINSCHIA benefits from LINE’s vast global user base. Leveraging its ecosystem, LINE aims to create a widespread token economy that can serve millions of users around the world, facilitating a seamless and interconnected digital experience across multiple service categories.

What Are the Benefits of Using FINSCHIA Within the LINE Ecosystem?

Using FINSCHIA within the LINE ecosystem allows users to transact with a guaranteed minimum value, providing a stable and reliable currency for various services. Additionally, as a reward mechanism within the BITBOX exchange, it encourages active participation and generates more user engagement within the LINE services. The premise of creating an economy around a digital token where incentives align with participation adds value not only to the users but also to the service provider, encouraging a virtuous cycle of use and reward.

How Much FINSCHIA Is In Circulation?

The detailed information on the circulating supply of FINSCHIA is 7.9M. Generally, the circulation of tokens is controlled to manage the economy and ensure the stability of the system.

How Is FINSCHIA’s Market Cap Ranked?

FINSCHIA holds a market cap rank of #282. Market capitalization is a crucial indicator of the value of a cryptocurrency. It is determined by multiplying the circulating supply of the token by its current price.

Where Can You Buy FINSCHIA (FNSA)?

FINSCHIA (FNSA) can be purchased on the itBit, Huobi, BitMart, Bithumb. If you're interested in acquiring FINSCHIA tokens, these exchanges provide platforms through which FNSA can be bought, sold, or traded.

How Can You Keep Your FINSCHIA Safe?

To ensure the safety of your FINSCHIA tokens, it's critical to use reputable and secure wallets and exchanges. Consider incorporating additional security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), using strong, unique passwords, and, if possible, storing larger amounts of tokens in cold storage solutions to minimize the risk of online hacks. Always be vigilant against phishing attempts and never share your private keys with anyone.

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