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$ 0.02243655 +15.25%

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Market Rank #260
Market Cap $ 276.1M
Volume 24h $ 18.1M
Circ. Supply 12.3B
Total Supply 13.2B
Max Supply 13.2B

What is the current price of Harmony (ONE)?

As of the most recent data, Harmony (ONE) is trading at $ 0.02243655, which increased from 24 hours ago. The +15.25%% change reflects the fluctuations in the market's demand and supply for Harmony's native token.

What Is Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony is a blockchain platform aimed at facilitating the creation and use of decentralized applications (DApps). The project's primary goal is to offer a scalable and secure blockchain that can support the high-throughput demands of applications while also providing a more efficient and cost-effective network. Harmony's native protocol token is called Harmony ONE, serving as a cornerstone of its ecosystem.

The Harmony ONE token plays a multi-faceted role within the network. It incentivizes participation from various stakeholders such as developers, validators, investors, and community members. These participants engage in developing, securing, and governing the network, aligning everyone's interests toward the growth and well-being of Harmony.

Who Are the Creators of Harmony?

Harmony was founded by a team with diverse backgrounds and expertise areas including cryptography, engineering, entrepreneurship, and academia. The project's team is known for its strong emphasis on technology and innovation as they work towards building a more open and scalable blockchain network.

How Does Harmony Work?

Harmony works by leveraging a high-throughput protocol that involves various components like sharding and a consensus mechanism referred to as Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS). Sharding is a method used to split the network's infrastructure into smaller, more manageable pieces called shards, which can process transactions and smart contracts in parallel, leading to increased overall network capacity and speed.

The EPoS consensus mechanism ensures network security and integrity, allowing multiple stakeholders to stake their ONE tokens as validators. These validators are then tasked with verifying transactions and creating new blocks, for which they earn block rewards and transaction fees in the form of ONE tokens.

What Makes Harmony Unique?

Harmony stands out due to its emphasis on both scalability and decentralization. Unlike some other blockchain networks that compromise on decentralization for scalability, Harmony attempts to achieve a balance between the two. The implementation of sharding and the EPoS consensus mechanism combines the high-throughput scalability with a level of decentralization that is more robust than those of other networks.

The upcoming features such as zero-knowledge proofs also suggest Harmony's ambition to establish itself as a data sharing platform. This technology aims to enable confidential data-sharing among participants, resolving the problem of mutual distrust in the data market.

How Is Harmony's Token Used in the Network?

The Harmony ONE token is utilized in several key aspects of the protocol:

  1. Staking: Token holders can stake ONE tokens to participate in the network's EPoS consensus mechanism. By doing so, they can become validators or delegators, contributing to network security and governance and earning rewards.

  2. Transaction Fees: Users need to pay transaction fees in ONE tokens to perform transfers and execute smart contracts, helping to prevent network spam and contribute to operational costs.

  3. Governance: Token holders can use their ONE tokens to participate in on-chain governance decisions, shaping the future direction of the network through proposals and voting.

How Much Harmony (ONE) Is in Circulation?

The circulating supply of Harmony (ONE) currently stands at 12.3B tokens. The token figures are designed to incentivize participation in the network and govern the economic model that supports the validation and security processes.

How Is the Harmony Network Secured?

The security of the Harmony network is maintained through the Effective Proof-of-Stake mechanism. This not only incentivizes token staking but also incorporates slashing conditions to deter malicious activity. Validators who attempt to compromise the network can have their staked ONE tokens slashed, removing the incentive for such behavior.

What Is Harmony's Governance Model?

Harmony's governance model is on-chain and is powered by the ONE token. Token holders can propose changes or upgrades to the network protocol, and stake their tokens to vote on these proposals. This model ensures a democratic and decentralized approach to decision making within the Harmony ecosystem.

Where Can You Buy Harmony (ONE)?

Harmony (ONE) can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges which include BitMax, EXMO, Binance US, Tokenize. As always, it's important to use a reputable exchange and practice safe investment habits when buying cryptocurrencies.

How Can You Store Harmony (ONE) Safely?

Storing Harmony (ONE) tokens safely involves using reliable cryptocurrency wallets that support the token. Users can choose between hardware wallets for cold storage and software wallets for more frequent access. It's essential to safeguard private keys and practice due diligence to protect your investments.

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