Rank #920

$ 0.10989800 -1.44%


PARSIQ to USD Price Chart

PARSIQ Statistics

Market Rank #920
Market Cap $ 28.6M
Volume 24h $ 0.9M
Circ. Supply 260.3M
Total Supply 310.3M
Max Supply 310.3M

Has the price of PARSIQ (PRQ) changed recently?

The price of PARSIQ (PRQ) has decreased to $ 0.10989800 in the last 24 hours, reflecting a change of -1.44%%.


PARSIQ is a blockchain analytics platform that provides real-time data and monitoring tools for blockchain networks. It aims to enhance the interoperability between different blockchain systems and allows businesses or individuals to create custom event triggers and responses.

Who Are the Founders of PARSIQ?

The founders of PARSIQ are not specified in the provided information. However, PARSIQ was established by a team with a background in software development, blockchain technology, and data analysis.

How does PARSIQ work?

PARSIQ works by monitoring and analyzing blockchain transactions in real-time. It uses a technology called Smart Triggers, which users can set up to notify them of certain events on the blockchain, such as specific transactions occurring or wallets interacting in a particular way.

What Makes PARSIQ Unique?

What sets PARSIQ apart is its ability to bridge on-chain and off-chain applications. By using PARSIQ, developers can link blockchain activity to off-chain actions or devices, creating a more integrated tech environment. This could be used, for example, to automate the execution of contracts when a payment is received.

How Is the PARSIQ Network Secured?

The security of the PARSIQ network is maintained via its proprietary technology, which continuously audits the integrity of the data being monitored. The platform also makes use of industry-standard encryption and security practices to ensure the safety of user data.

How Much PARSIQ Is in Circulation?

There are currently 260.3M PARSIQ tokens in circulation out of a total supply of 310.3M.

What Is PARSIQ's Role in Data Analysis?

PARSIQ plays a pivotal role in data analysis within the blockchain space by providing real-time and historical blockchain data. This allows analysts, traders, and enthusiasts to track and understand on-chain activity, facilitating better decision-making.

How Is PARSIQ’s Technology Upgraded?

PARSIQ's technology is upgraded through continuous software updates and community-driven improvements. They may also have governance protocols in place, allowing token holders to propose and vote on changes.

Who Are the Largest Corporate Holders of PARSIQ?

Information on the largest corporate holders of PARSIQ is not provided. Typically, this kind of information might be accessible through public disclosures or blockchain analytics services.

Is PARSIQ Political?

PARSIQ as a technology is neutral, but it can potentially be used for various political purposes, such as monitoring donations or ensuring transparency in financial transactions related to political campaigns.

How Much Is PARSIQ?

As of the latest update, one PARSIQ (PRQ) token is valued at $ 0.10989800.

Where Can You Buy PARSIQ (PRQ)?

You can buy PARSIQ (PRQ) on several cryptocurrency exchanges, but the specific ones are not listed. Typically, buyers must look for exchanges where PRQ is listed, create an account, and follow the exchange's procedure for trading fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies for PRQ.

How to keep your PARSIQ safe?

To keep your PARSIQ tokens safe, use reputable wallets with strong security measures, and never share your private keys. Consider using hardware wallets for the highest level of security, especially for larger amounts.


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