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$ 1.59 +10.14%

Metal DAO Price (MTL)

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Metal DAO Statistics

Market Rank #445
Market Cap $ 102.8M
Volume 24h $ 7.2M
Circ. Supply 64.6M
Total Supply 66.6M
Max Supply ?

What is the current price of Metal DAO (MTL)?

As of now, the price of Metal DAO (MTL) is $ 1.59. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and may have changed significantly since the time of writing this article.

What is Metal DAO (MTL)?

Metal DAO (MTL) is a utility token with multi-tiered functionalities. At its crux, it currently governs the stablecoin Metal Dollar (XMD). Furthermore, MTL holders receive the added benefit of tiered trading discounts when they use the Metal Pay cash & crypto app. For instance, Metal Pay customers who possess 10,000+ MTL can relish 0% fees on all cryptocurrency purchases.

Advanced features are already envisioned for Metal DAO's future utility. These may include the ability to propose new stablecoins for the Metal Dollar basket, the power to determine their allocation ratios, and the option to vote in new stablecoin issuers such as community banks or fintechs.

Who developed and launched Metal DAO?

Metal DAO was developed and launched by Metallicus in 2016. Metallicus is a startup that works on improving the accessibility of financial services by leveraging blockchain technology. The MTL token is a crucial component of this endeavor, with its ability to govern stablecoins and offer benefits to its holders.

How does Metal DAO work?

Metal DAO operates through the MTL token that functions as a utility within the ecosystem. On one hand, it governs the Metal Dollar (XMD) stablecoin, which helps maintain its stability and functionality. On the other hand, it provides benefits to holders, including reduced fees on transactions through the Metal Pay app. Additionally, it brings about a community-driven aspect as the token holders have a say about proposing and voting for new stablecoins, their allocation ratios, and new stablecoin issuers.

What Makes Metal DAO Unique?

What makes Metal DAO unique is its compelling use case. Its MTL token governs the Metal Dollar stablecoin, providing it the necessary checks and balances. More intriguing is the tiered trading discounts offered to MTL holders, allowing for cost-effective transactions, especially with considerable holdings. The anticipated future utility extends Metal DAO’s reach further into a democratic system where the community can make decisions about the stablecoin pool, making it a positively disruptive force in the stablecoin space.

How Much Metal DAO (MTL) Is in Circulation?

As of the time of writing, the current circulating supply of Metal DAO (MTL) is 64.6M out of a total supply of 66.6M. Please note that these numbers are subject to change as new tokens can be added to the circulation and some can be removed.

Where Can You Buy Metal DAO (MTL)?

Metal DAO (MTL) can be purchased on the following exchanges: Binance, Huobi, CoinEx, KuCoin, Indodax. As with all cryptocurrency transactions, ensure that you use a secure wallet and familiarize yourself with the exchange's processes before making a purchase.

How to keep your Metal DAO safe?

Keeping your Metal DAO (MTL) tokens safe involves similar measures to those taken for any other digital assets. Store your tokens in a secure wallet, use strong, unique passwords, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and be wary of phishing attempts. Furthermore, always keep your private keys offline and ensure that any devices you use for your transactions are secure and free from malware.

What future utilities does Metal DAO anticipate?

Metal DAO envisions its token to be more than just a utility token. Future utilities are expected to involve the ability of community members to propose new stablecoins for the Metal Dollar basket. Suggestions for allocation ratios would also come under the community's purview. Not just that, the community will have the option to vote in new stablecoin issuers such as community banks or fintechs, promoting decentralization and democratization within the Metal DAO ecosystem.

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