Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $201.9B Market cap $2.8T +8.6% BTC dominance: 50.8% ETH Gas: 21 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
12775 LAMBO AND MOON Logo LAMBO AND MOON LM LAMBO AND MOON 24h Chart $0.00000000 $1817.7T 210000.0T
12776 LILLIUS Logo LILLIUS LLT LILLIUS 24h Chart $0.01490400 +7.9% $0.8M 1000.0M
12776 WDOT Logo WDOT WDOT WDOT 24h Chart $7.52 +7.7% $1.7K
12777 Mass Protocol Logo Mass Protocol MASS Mass Protocol 24h Chart $0.00157526 $9.3K 10.0M
12778 Venture Coin Logo Venture Coin VC Venture Coin 24h Chart $0.00511206 +1.2% $29.4K 40.0M
12778 Vibing Logo Vibing VBG Vibing 24h Chart $0.28176100 -3.8% $83.4K 1000.0M
12779 Hola Logo Hola HOLA Hola 24h Chart $0.00000866 +1.4% $36.3M 10.0B
12779 MammothAI Logo MammothAI MAMAI MammothAI 24h Chart $0.00052398 +12.6% $19.3M 1000.0M
12780 Lion Scrub Money Logo Lion Scrub Money LION Lion Scrub Money 24h Chart $0.01587030 +0.4% $34.3K
12781 Layer2DAO Logo Layer2DAO L2DAO Layer2DAO 24h Chart $0.00146481 +4.5% $3.3M
12782 LINA Logo LINA LINA LINA 24h Chart $0.00020006 $100.0
12783 WCAPES Logo WCAPES WCA WCAPES 24h Chart $0.00198538 +0.1% $5.1M 100.0M
12783 Kingshit Logo Kingshit KINGSHIT Kingshit 24h Chart $459.08 +32.5% $25.2
12784 Maker Flip Logo Maker Flip MKF Maker Flip 24h Chart $1.94 +5.0% $15.0K 50.0M
12785 Launchpool Logo Launchpool LPOOL Launchpool 24h Chart $0.20987500 +5.1% $0.7M 10.0M
12786 Membrane Logo Membrane MBRN Membrane 24h Chart $0.02876340 +6.6% $16.2K
12787 KUMA Protocol Wrapped USK Logo KUMA Protocol Wrapped USK WUSK KUMA Protocol Wrapped USK 24h Chart $0.99358700 +0.1% $53.9
12788 KuKu Logo KuKu KUKU KuKu 24h Chart $0.00000001 +20.6% $8.3B 10.0T
12789 MasterWin Logo MasterWin MW MasterWin 24h Chart $0.00012302 $0.0
12790 Melega Logo Melega MARCO Melega 24h Chart $0.05110600 +5.5% $2.0M 1000.0M
12790 Hedge USD Logo Hedge USD USH Hedge USD 24h Chart $0.96030100 -0.4% $39.2
12791 Mantle Bridged USDC (Mantle) Logo Mantle Bridged USDC (Mantle) USDC Mantle Bridged USDC (Mantle) 24h Chart $0.99857900 +0.1% $11.2M
12791 WaykiChain Governance Coin Logo WaykiChain Governance Coin WGRT WaykiChain Governance Coin 24h Chart $0.01371570 -0.1% $1.7M
12792 LunchDAO Logo LunchDAO LUNCH LunchDAO 24h Chart $0.00016805 +14.3% $171.7M
12793 Majin Logo Majin MAJIN Majin 24h Chart $0.00000000 +17.5% $7.3T 420.0T
12793 Logo HOLY 24h Chart $0.00417247 +0.1% $0.2M 100.0M
12794 Versus-X Logo Versus-X VSX Versus-X 24h Chart $0.12269900 -7.9% $0.5M 100.0M
12795 Limestone Network Logo Limestone Network LIMEX Limestone Network 24h Chart $0.00001360 -0.0% $0.4M
12795 HNB Protocol Logo HNB Protocol HNB HNB Protocol 24h Chart $0.00280338 +6.6% $10.1M 1.5B
12796 Hog Logo Hog HOG Hog 24h Chart $0.00004225 -18.4% $147.4M 1000.0M
12796 Mantle USD Logo Mantle USD MUSD Mantle USD 24h Chart $0.99781100 -0.0% $1.2K
12797 HolyGrail Logo HolyGrail HLY HolyGrail 24h Chart $0.00000415 +11.9% $5.3M 1.2B
12797 Kintsugi BTC Logo Kintsugi BTC KBTC Kintsugi BTC 24h Chart $72,457.00 +1.0% $0.0
12798 Massa Bridged USDC (Massa) Logo Massa Bridged USDC (Massa) USDC Massa Bridged USDC (Massa) 24h Chart $0.99226500 +0.5% $0.3M
12799 Weirdo Logo Weirdo WEIRDO Weirdo 24h Chart $0.00012098 +30.9% $2.0B
12799 King WIF Logo King WIF KINGWIF King WIF 24h Chart $0.00000000 +7.7% $54.5T
12800 Kinka Logo Kinka XNK Kinka 24h Chart $2,428.38 +0.4% $65.8
12801 LaRace Logo LaRace LAR LaRace 24h Chart $0.00005631 $1.5M 500.0M
12802 Marvellex Venture Token Logo Marvellex Venture Token MLXV Marvellex Venture Token 24h Chart $0.01547180 +3.3% $6.3M 80.0B
12803 Kryptonite Staked SEI Logo Kryptonite Staked SEI STSEI Kryptonite Staked SEI 24h Chart $0.56720600 +7.9% $18.6K
12804 Kudoe Logo Kudoe KDOE Kudoe 24h Chart $0.00100339 $5.5K 1000.0M
12805 Landtorn Shard Logo Landtorn Shard SHARD Landtorn Shard 24h Chart $0.01268360 +20.9% $20.2K 100.0M
12805 Web3 Bets Logo Web3 Bets BXB Web3 Bets 24h Chart $0.00003840 $0.4M 1000.0M
12806 Weave6 Logo Weave6 WX Weave6 24h Chart $0.00926128 -18.7% $61.4M 1000.0M
12806 LiNEAR Protocol LNR Logo LiNEAR Protocol LNR LNR LiNEAR Protocol LNR 24h Chart $0.03384090 -8.0% $1.5M 1000.0M
12807 Lumi Finance LUA Option Logo Lumi Finance LUA Option LUAOP Lumi Finance LUA Option 24h Chart
12808 Mantle Bridged USDT (Mantle) Logo Mantle Bridged USDT (Mantle) USDT Mantle Bridged USDT (Mantle) 24h Chart $0.99685800 -0.7% $25.3M
12809 LUSD yVault Logo LUSD yVault YVLUSD LUSD yVault 24h Chart $1.14 +0.2%
12809 Hungarian Vizsla Inu Logo Hungarian Vizsla Inu HVI Hungarian Vizsla Inu 24h Chart $0.00000000 +7.4% $3375.4T
12810 SparksPay Logo SparksPay SPK SparksPay 24h Chart $0.01057820 $2.4K
12810 Virtual Tourist Logo Virtual Tourist VT Virtual Tourist 24h Chart $0.01651410 +2.9% $10.4M 800.0M
12810 WcDonalds Logo WcDonalds WCD WcDonalds 24h Chart $0.00000849 +19.9% $19.9M 10.0B
12811 Huobi Litecoin Logo Huobi Litecoin HLTC Huobi Litecoin 24h Chart $151.00 +9.0% $60.2
12811 Make Solana Great Again Logo Make Solana Great Again TRUMP Make Solana Great Again 24h Chart $0.00000008 -3.1% $10.9B 450.0B
12812 KStarNFT Logo KStarNFT KNFT KStarNFT 24h Chart $0.01020890 -7.7% $3.6B 2.0B
12813 Hoichi Logo Hoichi HOICHI Hoichi 24h Chart $0.00000544 +32.1% $2.8B 369.4B
12814 MandoX Logo MandoX MANDOX MandoX 24h Chart $0.00000005 -0.8% $781.5B
12815 VirtuBlock Logo VirtuBlock VB VirtuBlock 24h Chart $0.00009763 $0.2M
12816 Huobi FIL Logo Huobi FIL HFIL Huobi FIL 24h Chart $12.32 +0.2% $7.5
12816 KingyTON Logo KingyTON KINGY KingyTON 24h Chart $0.45350000 +5.0% $0.1M 10.0M
12817 Luna28 Logo Luna28 LUNA Luna28 24h Chart $0.00000262 +19.7% $41.6M 28.0B
12818 Melos Studio Logo Melos Studio MELOS Melos Studio 24h Chart $0.00130982 +7.1% $214.2M 1000.0M
12818 HODL Logo HODL HODL HODL 24h Chart $0.00000000 +7.2% $770.1B
12819 Malinka Logo Malinka MLNK Malinka 24h Chart $0.00170140 +4.2% $18.9M
12820 LinkPool Logo LinkPool LPL LinkPool 24h Chart $0.25549400 +10.5% $284.1
12820 HODL Logo HODL HODL HODL 24h Chart $0.00035211 -8.9% $86.8M 1000.0M
12821 HYGT Logo HYGT HYGT HYGT 24h Chart $0.00135204 -0.8% $3.9M 1000.0M
12821 Larry the Llama Logo Larry the Llama LARRY Larry the Llama 24h Chart $0.00000000 +22.9% $3.0T 420.7T
12822 Huobi Ethereum Logo Huobi Ethereum HETH Huobi Ethereum 24h Chart $1,365.15 -1.1% $17.7
12822 LinkTao Logo LinkTao LTAO LinkTao 24h Chart $0.00016872 $45.0K 100.0M
12823 Lumishare Logo Lumishare LUMI Lumishare 24h Chart $0.07090300 +2.0% $2.0M 8.0B
12823 Helga Inu Logo Helga Inu HELGA Helga Inu 24h Chart $0.00000002 +21.9% $14.3B 10.0T
12824 Hello Art Logo Hello Art HTT Hello Art 24h Chart $0.00003993 +5.0% $2.3B 20.0B
12824 Larix Logo Larix LARIX Larix 24h Chart $0.00020492 +6.2% $253.0M 10.0B
12825 LunaOne Logo LunaOne XLN LunaOne 24h Chart $0.00071971 +1.5% $0.6M
12826 LUXCoin Logo LUXCoin LUX LUXCoin 24h Chart $0.00284703 -46.8% $10.2K
12828 Mangata X Logo Mangata X MGX Mangata X 24h Chart $0.00098720 +6.1% $2.6M 4.0B
12828 Spartacus Logo Spartacus SPA Spartacus 24h Chart $0.04145600 -2.2% $3.1K 1.4M
12829 Marvelous NFTs Logo Marvelous NFTs MNFT Marvelous NFTs 24h Chart $0.00389626 -0.1% $37.2M
12830 LOBO Logo LOBO LOBO LOBO 24h Chart $0.00012504 +23.1% $1.8M 500.0M
12830 Hege Logo Hege HEGE Hege 24h Chart $0.00480148 +30.9% $106.9M 1000.0M
12831 Huobi Polkadot Logo Huobi Polkadot HDOT Huobi Polkadot 24h Chart $17.72 -1.4% $20.8
12831 KIRA Logo KIRA KIRA KIRA 24h Chart $0.00101461 $100.0K 369.0M
12832 HELIOS Logo HELIOS HLX HELIOS 24h Chart $0.00000345 +18.4% $5.5B
12832 Masters Of The Memes Logo Masters Of The Memes MOM Masters Of The Memes 24h Chart $0.00009411 +0.2% $1.0M
12833 Lizard Logo Lizard LIZARD Lizard 24h Chart $0.00055749 +16.6% $1.2M 420.0M
12833 Waifu by Velocore Logo Waifu by Velocore WAIFU Waifu by Velocore 24h Chart $0.00004152 +19.1% $3.1M 3.0B
12834 Web3 No Value Logo Web3 No Value W3N Web3 No Value 24h Chart $0.00000001 +5.3% $4.1T 2100.0T
12834 Kucoin Bridged USDT (KuCoin Community Chain) Logo Kucoin Bridged USDT (KuCoin Community Chain) USDT Kucoin Bridged USDT (KuCoin Community Chain) 24h Chart $1.00 +0.9% $10.3K
12835 Limoverse Logo Limoverse LIMO Limoverse 24h Chart $0.00325803 -13.2% $36.0M 10.0B
12836 Ligo (Ordinals) Logo Ligo (Ordinals) LIGO Ligo (Ordinals) 24h Chart $0.00000633 +1.4% $97.2B 1000.0B
12837 Lumi Finance LUAUSD Logo Lumi Finance LUAUSD LUAUSD Lumi Finance LUAUSD 24h Chart $0.99495400 -0.3% $16.1K
12838 Lunatics [ETH] Logo Lunatics [ETH] LUNAT Lunatics [ETH] 24h Chart $0.00000188 $2.9B
12839 LiquiCats Logo LiquiCats MEOW LiquiCats 24h Chart $42.68 $161.9 10.2K
12840 Memecoin Logo Memecoin MEM Memecoin 24h Chart $0.01794900 +22.2% $4.5K 100.0M
12840 SimpleHub Logo SimpleHub SHUB SimpleHub 24h Chart $0.00034374 $1.0M 100.0M
12840 HELI Doge Logo HELI Doge HD HELI Doge 24h Chart $0.00000007 +5.0% $3.2B 1000.0B
12841 Kingdomverse Logo Kingdomverse KING Kingdomverse 24h Chart $0.00121393 +6.5% $230.4M

What is a Crypto Tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or platform that provides real-time information about various cryptocurrencies. It tracks and displays data such as current prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. These trackers often include additional features like historical data, graphs, and comparison tools, helping investors and enthusiasts stay updated with the dynamic crypto market.

What Does Market Cap Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Market cap, short for market capitalization, refers to the total value of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of a single unit of the cryptocurrency by its total circulating supply. Market cap is a crucial indicator used to assess the relative size, stability, and growth potential of different cryptocurrencies.

What is Total Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Total volume in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded in a given time frame, usually 24 hours. It's a vital metric that indicates the liquidity and activity level of that cryptocurrency in the market. High trading volume often suggests strong interest and activity, while low volume can indicate lesser engagement.

What is BTC Dominance?

BTC dominance measures Bitcoin's market capitalization as a percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric to assess Bitcoin's relative size and influence in the crypto market. A high BTC dominance implies a stronger influence of Bitcoin over the market, whereas a lower dominance indicates a more diverse market with other cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

How Are Gas Fees Calculated in Cryptocurrency?

Gas fees in cryptocurrency, particularly in networks like Ethereum, are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. These fees are calculated based on the complexity of the transaction and the network's current demand. High demand and network congestion often result in higher gas fees.

How Are Cryptocurrency Prices Calculated?

Cryptocurrency prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the market. They're influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, regulatory news, and technological developments. Prices fluctuate based on the number of people willing to buy or sell at any given moment, and each exchange may display slightly different prices based on the specific trades occurring on their platform.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Differ on Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency prices can differ across exchanges due to variations in supply and demand in different markets. Factors such as the exchange's user base, geographic location, trading volume, liquidity, and even the speed of processing transactions can influence the price on each platform. Additionally, differences in fees, trading pairs available, and the exchange's reputation can also contribute to price discrepancies.

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