Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

Total volume $211.6B Market cap $2.8T +8.5% BTC dominance: 50.5% ETH Gas: 23 Gwei
# Name Chart Price Change Mcap Volume Supply Max
12581 HANePlatform Logo HANePlatform HANEP HANePlatform 24h Chart $66.84 +7.6% $251.1 225.0M
12582 Green Ben Logo Green Ben EBEN Green Ben 24h Chart $0.11070700 +5.9% $1.5K
12582 X-GPT Logo X-GPT XGPT X-GPT 24h Chart $0.31133300 +47.2% $6.4K 1.0M
12583 Young Peezy Logo Young Peezy PEEZY Young Peezy 24h Chart $0.00000000 -28.8% $279.5T
12583 Hash Bridge Oracle Logo Hash Bridge Oracle HBO Hash Bridge Oracle 24h Chart $0.00135013 +1.0% $0.5M
12584 Homeunity Logo Homeunity HRPT Homeunity 24h Chart $0.00397778 $45.4K 24.0B
12584 ZetaChain Bridged BTC.BTC (ZetaChain) Logo ZetaChain Bridged BTC.BTC (ZetaChain) BTCBTC ZetaChain Bridged BTC.BTC (ZetaChain) 24h Chart $70,705.00 +5.1% $2.8
12585 ZELDA 2.0 Logo ZELDA 2.0 ZLDA ZELDA 2.0 24h Chart $0.13532700 +19.7% $0.4M 600.0M
12586 xNinja.Tech Token Logo xNinja.Tech Token XNJ xNinja.Tech Token 24h Chart $0.00857443 +10.7% $0.1M
12586 HeroesTD CGC Logo HeroesTD CGC CGC HeroesTD CGC 24h Chart $0.00210055 $3.7K
12587 Iron Finance Logo Iron Finance ICE Iron Finance 24h Chart $0.00000497 +1.0% $4.4M
12587 YieldBlox Logo YieldBlox YBX YieldBlox 24h Chart $1.53 +4.3% $2.1K 1.5B
12588 Year of the Dragon Logo Year of the Dragon YOD Year of the Dragon 24h Chart $0.00006094 $0.3M 1000.0M
12588 IT Technology Global Ltd Logo IT Technology Global Ltd ITG IT Technology Global Ltd 24h Chart $0.00023004 $0.4M 9.0T
12589 Gram Platinum Logo Gram Platinum GRAMP Gram Platinum 24h Chart $34.63 -1.9% $109.4
12589 Cabal Logo Cabal CABAL Cabal 24h Chart $0.09048400 -17.5% $25.7K 1.0M
12589 XRootAI Logo XRootAI XROOTAI XRootAI 24h Chart $0.01054800 -34.3% $8.4M 72.0M
12590 Yertle The Turtle Logo Yertle The Turtle YERTLE Yertle The Turtle 24h Chart $0.00002007 +23.7% $37.4M 10.0B
12590 Gram Silver Logo Gram Silver GRAMS Gram Silver 24h Chart $1.03 +1.2% $26.2K
12591 İstanbul Wild Cats Fan Token Logo İstanbul Wild Cats Fan Token IWFT İstanbul Wild Cats Fan Token 24h Chart $0.00050834 -1.5% $19.7M 400.0M
12591 XRP Healthcare Logo XRP Healthcare XRPH XRP Healthcare 24h Chart $0.05696400 +3.9% $3.2M 100.0M
12592 Guardians of the Ball Logo Guardians of the Ball GOBAL Guardians of the Ball 24h Chart $0.79629000 +2.6% $0.2M 100.0M
12593 HarryPotterObamaInu Logo HarryPotterObamaInu INU HarryPotterObamaInu 24h Chart $0.00002959 $1.2M 1000.0M
12593 Zibu Logo Zibu ZIBU Zibu 24h Chart $0.00000014 $901.6M 1000.0B
12594 Xero AI Logo Xero AI XEROAI Xero AI 24h Chart $0.02171680 +17.7% $1.9M 100.0M
12595 XDAI Logo XDAI XDAI XDAI 24h Chart $1.00 +0.1% $0.8M
12595 Ins3.Finance Coin Logo Ins3.Finance Coin ITF Ins3.Finance Coin 24h Chart $0.04435800 -2.4% $850.8
12596 Hoosat Network Logo Hoosat Network HTN Hoosat Network 24h Chart $0.00028844 +19.3% $51.1M 17.1B
12596 Xgold Coin Logo Xgold Coin XGOLD Xgold Coin 24h Chart $0.00124973 -0.0% $0.2M 100.0M
12597 X-MASK Logo X-MASK XMC X-MASK 24h Chart $0.82670500 $1.9K 10.0M
12597 Guiser Logo Guiser GUISE Guiser 24h Chart $0.01578630 -0.7% $5.7K 10.0M
12598 xCRX Logo xCRX XCRX xCRX 24h Chart $0.00300010 +4.1% $56.2K 500.0M
12599 Yotoshi Logo Yotoshi YOTO Yotoshi 24h Chart $0.00000110 -7.8% $7.7B 280.0B
12599 hiBEANZ Logo hiBEANZ HIBEANZ hiBEANZ 24h Chart $0.00093267 +9.9% $74.9M 19.0M
12599 Çağdaş Bodrumspor Fan Token Logo Çağdaş Bodrumspor Fan Token CBS Çağdaş Bodrumspor Fan Token 24h Chart $0.00196149 -9.1% $30.3M 500.0M
12600 Yearn CRV Logo Yearn CRV YCRV Yearn CRV 24h Chart $0.38499900 +17.2% $0.2M
12601 YAY Network Logo YAY Network YAY YAY Network 24h Chart $0.00346573 +4.1% $14.8M
12601 Kugle GU Logo Kugle GU GU Kugle GU 24h Chart $0.19294500 $5.0K 10.0M
12602 iXledger Logo iXledger IXT iXledger 24h Chart $0.00156324 +0.2% $144.0
12602 Yeti Logo Yeti YETI Yeti 24h Chart $0.00000004 -0.4% $109.0M 1000.0B
12603 ZENIQ Logo ZENIQ ZENIQ ZENIQ 24h Chart $0.02024540 +2.6% $3.9M
12603 Green Bitcoin Logo Green Bitcoin GBTC Green Bitcoin 24h Chart $0.43378900 +11.2% $1.0M 20.8M
12604 INJ INU Logo INJ INU INJINU INJ INU 24h Chart $0.00013901
12604 xDEC_Astrovault Logo xDEC_Astrovault XDEC xDEC_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.00580851 +3.8% $0.9M
12605 Xfish Logo Xfish XFISH Xfish 24h Chart $0.12498600 -0.0% $230.0 100.0M
12605 Kabosu (Arbitrum) Logo Kabosu (Arbitrum) KABOSU Kabosu (Arbitrum) 24h Chart $0.00000277 +11.5% $12.2B 100.0B
12606 Rock Logo Rock ROCK Rock 24h Chart $0.00000000 +1.1% $108.3B
12606 Xensei Logo Xensei XSEI Xensei 24h Chart $0.00462032 -4.9% $6.2M 100.0M
12607 Yes Logo Yes YESGO Yes 24h Chart $0.00389982 $3.4K
12608 Yield Yak AVAX Logo Yield Yak AVAX YYAVAX Yield Yak AVAX 24h Chart $46.20 +2.7% $759.2
12608 Hibiki Run Logo Hibiki Run HUT Hibiki Run 24h Chart $0.00000018 2.0B
12609 Gravitron Logo Gravitron GTRON Gravitron 24h Chart $0.00015864 +26.0% $3.3M 1000.0M
12609 Zeus AI Logo Zeus AI ZEUS Zeus AI 24h Chart $0.00085091 $0.2M 100.0M
12610 YooShi Logo YooShi YOOSHI YooShi 24h Chart $0.00000005 +8.2% $10.4T
12611 Santa Grok Logo Santa Grok SANTAGROK Santa Grok 24h Chart $0.00000000 $4.9T 420000.0T
12611 xFLIX_Astrovault Logo xFLIX_Astrovault XFLIX xFLIX_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.15841000 +11.0% $24.4K
12612 Yummi Universe Logo Yummi Universe YUMMI Yummi Universe 24h Chart $0.00011244 -7.1% $2.9M 10.0B
12612 Good Boy Logo Good Boy BOY Good Boy 24h Chart $0.00071908 -19.5% $254.2M 1000.0M
12613 Xdoge Logo Xdoge XDOGE Xdoge 24h Chart $0.00000228 +4.6% $2.8B
12614 Satellite Doge-1 Mission Logo Satellite Doge-1 Mission DOGE1 Satellite Doge-1 Mission 24h Chart $0.00143861 +30.6% $16.2M 1000.0M
12614 xQWOYN_Astrovault Logo xQWOYN_Astrovault XQWOYN xQWOYN_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.02904080 +5.7% $997.9
12614 Iron Logo Iron IRON Iron 24h Chart $0.00030635 +0.5% $55.9K
12615 Grand Theft Degens Logo Grand Theft Degens GTD Grand Theft Degens 24h Chart $0.00957425 $50.0K 10.0M
12615 ZARP Stablecoin Logo ZARP Stablecoin ZARP ZARP Stablecoin 24h Chart $0.05346100 +2.4% $0.8M
12616 Yoyo Market Logo Yoyo Market YOYO Yoyo Market 24h Chart $0.00419288 $23.0K
12616 Kabuni Logo Kabuni KBC Kabuni 24h Chart $0.92590000 +2.0% $0.1M
12617 Guardian GUARD Logo Guardian GUARD GUARD Guardian GUARD 24h Chart $0.03078480 +0.5% $0.1M 50.0M
12617 xBTSG_Astrovault Logo xBTSG_Astrovault XBTSG xBTSG_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.00919755 +0.0% $20.0K
12618 Yield Finance Logo Yield Finance YIELDX Yield Finance 24h Chart $0.00181313 +1.5% $4.2K
12618 Guapcoin Logo Guapcoin GUAP Guapcoin 24h Chart $0.00113583 -20.1% $0.3M
12619 HyperDAO Logo HyperDAO HDAO HyperDAO 24h Chart $0.00013020 $50.0K
12619 YAK Logo YAK YAK YAK 24h Chart $0.00000000 -0.4% $940.9T 888889.0T
12620 xJEWEL Logo xJEWEL XJEWEL xJEWEL 24h Chart $0.29506000 +12.8% $609.7
12620 Intelligence On Chain Logo Intelligence On Chain IOC Intelligence On Chain 24h Chart $2.31 $30.8 21.0K
12621 GuessOnChain Logo GuessOnChain GUESS GuessOnChain 24h Chart $0.00003851 +18.6% $0.2M 1000.0M
12621 Cacom Logo Cacom CACOM Cacom 24h Chart $1.25 $10.0 100.0M
12621 ZAT Project Logo ZAT Project ZPRO ZAT Project 24h Chart $0.00009941 $0.4M 100.0M
12622 Young Mids Inspired Logo Young Mids Inspired YMII Young Mids Inspired 24h Chart $0.02313200 -0.0% $997.3 1000.0M
12622 InpulseX Logo InpulseX IPX InpulseX 24h Chart $0.00037931 +5.4% $201.0M 6.0B
12623 Hypra Inu Logo Hypra Inu HINU Hypra Inu 24h Chart $0.00016627 -3.2% $0.3M 100.0M
12623 BPET Logo BPET BPET BPET 24h Chart $0.08142000 +19.7% $0.2M
12624 Zenith Logo Zenith ZEN Zenith 24h Chart $0.13282200 +18.1% $0.7M 50.0M
12624 Grail Inu Logo Grail Inu IGRAIL Grail Inu 24h Chart $0.00000407 $18.7M 50.0B
12625 Harlequins Fan Token Logo Harlequins Fan Token QUINS Harlequins Fan Token 24h Chart $0.84341100 $6.0 5.0M
12625 xOSMO_Astrovault Logo xOSMO_Astrovault XOSMO xOSMO_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.89609200 -0.4% $0.5M
12626 Yelo Cat Logo Yelo Cat YELO Yelo Cat 24h Chart $0.00007595 +1.1% $25.0K
12626 JUST Stablecoin Logo JUST Stablecoin USDJ JUST Stablecoin 24h Chart $1.08 +0.2% $0.3M
12627 Help The Homeless Coin Logo Help The Homeless Coin HTH Help The Homeless Coin 24h Chart $0.00005097 $0.1M
12627 XFai Logo XFai XFIT XFai 24h Chart $0.02736050 +6.5% $0.7M 213.7M
12628 xDVPN_Astrovault Logo xDVPN_Astrovault XDVPN xDVPN_Astrovault 24h Chart $0.00144512 +17.3% $1.1M
12628 KabosuCEO Logo KabosuCEO KCEO KabosuCEO 24h Chart $0.00001126 $0.3M 1000.0M
12629 Happy Puppy Club Logo Happy Puppy Club HPC Happy Puppy Club 24h Chart $0.00244542 +18.0% $8.7M 1000.0M
12629 ZapExchange Logo ZapExchange ZAPEX ZapExchange 24h Chart $0.00065950 +15.9% $0.1M 100.0M
12630 Yield Magnet Logo Yield Magnet MAGNET Yield Magnet 24h Chart $0.00005054 $0.2M 1000.0M
12631 XMas Santa Rally Logo XMas Santa Rally XMRY XMas Santa Rally 24h Chart $0.00000116 $250.0M
12631 HongKongDAO Logo HongKongDAO HKD HongKongDAO 24h Chart $0.00407237 $28.5M 100.0M
12632 Bridged USD Coin (Gravity Bridge) Logo Bridged USD Coin (Gravity Bridge) GUSDC Bridged USD Coin (Gravity Bridge) 24h Chart $1.00 +0.1% $81.8
12632 ZetaChain Bridged ETH.ETH (ZetaChain) Logo ZetaChain Bridged ETH.ETH (ZetaChain) ETHETH ZetaChain Bridged ETH.ETH (ZetaChain) 24h Chart $3,770.74 +22.3% $37.1
12633 YASHA Logo YASHA YASHA YASHA 24h Chart $0.00000194 $12.2M 100.0B
12633 Kaby Arena Logo Kaby Arena KABY Kaby Arena 24h Chart $0.00046764 +1.2% $32.3M

What is a Crypto Tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or platform that provides real-time information about various cryptocurrencies. It tracks and displays data such as current prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. These trackers often include additional features like historical data, graphs, and comparison tools, helping investors and enthusiasts stay updated with the dynamic crypto market.

What Does Market Cap Mean in Cryptocurrency?

Market cap, short for market capitalization, refers to the total value of a cryptocurrency. It's calculated by multiplying the current price of a single unit of the cryptocurrency by its total circulating supply. Market cap is a crucial indicator used to assess the relative size, stability, and growth potential of different cryptocurrencies.

What is Total Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Total volume in cryptocurrency refers to the amount of a particular cryptocurrency that has been traded in a given time frame, usually 24 hours. It's a vital metric that indicates the liquidity and activity level of that cryptocurrency in the market. High trading volume often suggests strong interest and activity, while low volume can indicate lesser engagement.

What is BTC Dominance?

BTC dominance measures Bitcoin's market capitalization as a percentage of the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. It's an important metric to assess Bitcoin's relative size and influence in the crypto market. A high BTC dominance implies a stronger influence of Bitcoin over the market, whereas a lower dominance indicates a more diverse market with other cryptocurrencies gaining traction.

How Are Gas Fees Calculated in Cryptocurrency?

Gas fees in cryptocurrency, particularly in networks like Ethereum, are payments made by users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions. These fees are calculated based on the complexity of the transaction and the network's current demand. High demand and network congestion often result in higher gas fees.

How Are Cryptocurrency Prices Calculated?

Cryptocurrency prices are determined by supply and demand dynamics in the market. They're influenced by various factors, including market sentiment, investor behavior, regulatory news, and technological developments. Prices fluctuate based on the number of people willing to buy or sell at any given moment, and each exchange may display slightly different prices based on the specific trades occurring on their platform.

Why Do Cryptocurrency Prices Differ on Exchanges?

Cryptocurrency prices can differ across exchanges due to variations in supply and demand in different markets. Factors such as the exchange's user base, geographic location, trading volume, liquidity, and even the speed of processing transactions can influence the price on each platform. Additionally, differences in fees, trading pairs available, and the exchange's reputation can also contribute to price discrepancies.

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