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What's the current price of ZB Token?

As of now, the price of the ZB Token stands at $ 0.26058300. Remember, like all cryptocurrencies, ZB Token's price is subject to volatility and can change rapidly. It has increased over the last 24 hours.

So, what exactly is ZB Token?

ZB Token (ZB) is an exchange token that serves as the native currency of the ZB.COM crypto exchange. It was created with the intent to provide users of the ZB platform with a number of options and incentives. ZB Token holders can use their tokens for a variety of purposes within the ZB.COM ecosystem. These include purchasing monthly VIP status plans for transaction fee discounts, voting on exchange decisions, gaining early access to special ZB launchpad events, receiving crypto rewards from seasonal buybacks and trading with other cryptocurrencies listed on the ZB exchange.

Who created the ZB Token?

ZB Token was created by the developers behind the ZB.COM crypto exchange. While details about the individual developers are not readily available, we do know that the team consists of many leading professionals from the world of fintech and cryptocurrency.

How does ZB Token work?

The utility of this token is deeply entwined with its parent platform, ZB.COM. As an exchange token, ZB Token is essentially a utility coin designed to offer users enhanced functionality when using ZB.COM's services. For instance, ZB holders can trade their tokens for other cryptocurrencies listed on the ZB exchange. They can also use ZB Tokens to enjoy discounted transaction fees, vote on exchange decisions, and gain early access to special ZB launchpad events. Further, ZB.COM carries out seasonal buybacks where crypto rewards are distributed to ZB Token holders.

What makes ZB Token special?

The specificity of the ZB Token lies in its robust integration within the ZB.COM exchange network. This token is not just a currency; it's a tool that can increase your benefits and influence within the ZB.COM ecosystem. For instance, with these tokens, you can get discounts on transaction fees and voting rights on exchange decisions, which can help shape the future direction of the platform. You also gain early access to ZB launchpad events, which can be advantageous for getting in on the ground floor of new investment opportunities. Lastly, through seasonal buybacks, holding ZB Tokens can even provide you with additional crypto rewards.

Can you tell me about the supply metrics of ZB Token?

Yes, the total supply of ZB Token is 2.1B, while the circulating supply stands at 58.9M. The circulation of tokens is a crucial metric as it can influence the price and market cap of the coin.

Where can I buy ZB Tokens?

You can buy ZB Tokens on the ZB.COM cryptocurrency exchange, as well as on any other exchanges listed under ZBG, Hotbit. As always, ensure that you're using a reputable exchange platform and remember to store your tokens in a secure wallet to protect them from potential hacking attempts.

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