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How Much is FairGame (FAIR) Today?

The current price of FairGame (FAIR) is $ 0.00001013. Over the past 24 hours, its price has increased, following the cryptocurrency market trends.

What Is FairGame (FAIR)?

FairGame (FAIR) is a unique cryptocurrency that facilitates online gaming by incorporating blockchain technology. Developed on the Ethereum platform, FairGame makes use of decentralized technologies and smart contracts to ensure a fair gameplay experience for all users. The goal of FairGame is to eliminate the common problems that plague traditional online games, such as non-transparent algorithms, lack of fairness and player inequality.

Who Are the Founders of FairGame?

The information about the origin and the founding team of FairGame is not publicly disclosed on their website. However, it was established on the Ethereum platform, which was developed by a global team of dedicated programmers and blockchain enthusiasts.

How Does FairGame Work?

FairGame aims to enhance the experience of online gaming for its users by using the inherent properties of blockchain technology – openness, fairness, and justice. Backed by smart contracts, the platform ensures absolute transparency in all its operations, eliminating the scope of manipulation.

In simple terms, when a user plays a game on FairGame, the outcome of each move is determined by smart contracts and not by a centralized authority or a hidden algorithm. This not only ensures fairness in gameplay but also creates a level playing field for all participants.

What Makes FairGame Unique?

The unique feature of FairGame is its combination of online gaming and blockchain technology. By utilizing the best of both worlds, it ensures an open, fair, and just gaming experience for users across the globe.

FairGame aspires to tackle the issues of non-transparent algorithms and player inequality common in traditional gaming platforms. It leverages smart contracts to create a completely transparent environment, enhancing the players' trust and willingness to spend on the platform.

How Much FairGame (FAIR) Is in Circulation?

The current circulating supply of FairGame (FAIR) is 701.7M. The total supply of FairGame is 1.2B. It's important to note that these numbers can change as per the project's economic model.

Where Can You Buy FairGame (FAIR)?

FairGame (FAIR) can be bought at a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, some of which include DigiFinex. Remember, though, to do thorough research before purchasing, given the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

How to Keep Your FairGame (FAIR) Safe?

For any cryptocurrency including FairGame (FAIR), the key to security is the careful management of private keys associated with your digital wallets. It's important to keep them stored offline, perhaps in a hardware wallet or other cold storage method. Additionally, it's recommended to use two-factor authentication (2FA) and ensure that the computer and network you use are secure and free from malware or suspicious activities.

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