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Rank #696

$ 0.05756900 -10.66%

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Market Rank #696
Market Cap $ 43.2M
Volume 24h $ 1.0M
Circ. Supply 751.2M
Total Supply 1000.0M
Max Supply ?
Genesis Date 18/7/2017

What is the current price of district0x (DNT)?

As of now, the current price of district0x (DNT) is $ 0.05756900. In the last 24 hours, it has decreased by -10.66%.

What is district0x?

district0x is a network of decentralized marketplaces powered by Ethereum and governed by the District Network Token (DNT). Its mission is to create a virtual economy where users can transact and interact within a community-driven environment. It comprises of districts which are autonomous, open-source platforms, each offering a unique service or product.

Who created district0x?

While we don't have specific information about the founders of district0x, we know that it's a global community of contributors who work together to build and maintain this ecosystem. Majority of the code and design is provided by volunteers and the decentralized nature of the network implies that there is no central authority.

How does district0x work?

district0x operates using a framework known as a 'district'. A district is an open market where goods, services or data can be exchanged. These districts are powered by Ethereum smart contracts and use the d0xINFRA framework. The network uses an Aragon governance layer, providing users with control over specific districts. After staking DNT in a district, a user gains voting rights. It's essentially the WordPress of dApps where each district resembles a WordPress template and the auxiliary modules can be likened to WordPress plugins for extended functionality.

What makes district0x (DNT) unique?

district0x stands out because of its unique structure and underlying principles. It isn't just about trading or investing in a cryptocurrency, but is also about having a stake in a communal platform. By staking DNT in a district, users not only get voting power but also receive district-specific tokens. district0x essentially functions as a bridge between the digital and the physical world, connecting users and services in a frictionless, decentralized way.

How to participate in district0x's governance?

Anyone holding DNT tokens can participate in the governance of any district. By staking their tokens in a district, they get the right to vote on proposals related to that particular district. This includes, but not limited to, deciding on the future direction of the district or setting transaction fees.

How much district0x (DNT) are in circulation?

Currently, there are 751.2M DNT tokens in circulation. The total supply of DNT is 1000.0M.

Where can you buy district0x (DNT)?

district0x (DNT) can be purchased on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. The list includes Indodax, CEX.io, CoinEx, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex amongst others. It's noteworthy to remember that DNT can't typically be bought with fiat currency. Instead, you’d first need to acquire a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum and then trade that for DNT on your chosen exchange.

How can you keep your district0x (DNT) safe?

As with any cryptocurrency, the safety of your DNT tokens is of utmost importance. It is advisable to store your DNT in a secure digital wallet, such as MyEtherWallet, Coinbase or Trezor Hardware Wallet. Do not share your private keys with anyone and always ensure your device's security software is up to date.

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