Rank #699

$ 0.64898000 -3.87%


COMBO to USD Price Chart

COMBO Statistics

Market Rank #699
Market Cap $ 46.1M
Volume 24h $ 2.4M
Circ. Supply 71.1M
Total Supply 100.0M
Max Supply 100.0M

What Is the Current Price of COMBO?

COMBO's current price is $ 0.64898000, which might have decreased in the last 24 hours. Trading volumes over the past day are currently around 2.4M, affecting the price and market position noticeable by its market capitalization rank of #700. Remember, the value of a cryptocurrency is volatile and can change rapidly within a short period.

What Is COMBO?

COMBO is a cryptocurrency project focused on scaling Web3 game development. It aims to enhance the gaming experience within the blockchain ecosystem by providing a decentralized Layer2 solution specifically tailored for games. COMBO aspires to bridge the gap between game developers and the various elements of the Web3 environment, promising an open-source, game-oriented platform.

Who Is Behind the Development of COMBO?

The team behind COMBO is associated with Cocos-BCX, which stands for Cocos Blockchain Expedition. Although the specific individuals behind the project aren't specified here, it's a community driven by a collective goal to revolutionize the Web3 gaming sector. They are leveraging the world's leading game engine to create scalable solutions for developers.

How Does COMBO Work?

COMBO works by providing a Layer2 infrastructure built upon the principles of decentralization and transparency, which is essential in the Web3 space. The technology behind COMBO enables game developers to build and operate games more efficiently, with the potential for reduced costs and improved security. By offering scalable solutions, the COMBO team hopes to make it more feasible for developers to launch and maintain high-quality Web3 games.

What Makes COMBO Unique?

COMBO's unique value proposition lies in its commitment to the gaming community and blockchain technology. It stands out by focusing on a decentralized game-oriented Layer2 solution, which is not commonly found in the blockchain space. With an open-source ethos, it provides tools and infrastructure aimed at enhancing the potential and reach of Web3 games, which is a rapidly growing segment in the industry.

How Is the COMBO Network Secured?

While detailed technical security measures of the COMBO network aren't provided here, in general, Layer2 solutions implement various mechanisms to ensure the integrity and safety of the transactions and interactions taking place. This may include state channels, sidechains, or rollups that work in conjunction with the main blockchain to provide enhanced security features.

What Are the Benefits of COMBO for Game Developers?

COMBO promises to offer game developers several benefits, such as access to a top-tier, game-centric blockchain infrastructure, which can facilitate the creation of immersive and interactive gaming experiences on blockchain. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness and security proposed by their Layer2 solution can lead to increased profitability for developers and a smoother gameplay experience for users.

How Is COMBO's Market Performance?

As a cryptocurrency, COMBO's market performance is reflected by its current price of $ 0.64898000, market capitalization of $ 46.1M, and a 24-hour trading volume of 2.4M. It's important to follow its progress to understand how it resonates within the crypto market, especially in the segment of gaming and blockchain.

What Is the Circulating Supply of COMBO?

The circulating supply of COMBO tokens is 71.1M, out of a total supply of 100.0M tokens. This figure provides insight into the current availability and scarcity of the tokens in the market, which can influence the value and investment potential.

Where Can You Buy COMBO?

COMBO can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges. The list of KuCoin, Bitforex, BitMart, Indodax provides investors and enthusiasts with platforms where they can trade or invest in COMBO tokens based on its availability.

How to Keep Your COMBO Tokens Safe?

To keep your COMBO tokens safe, it is crucial to use reputable wallets and security practices. This includes hardware wallets for cold storage, secure passwords, two-factor authentication, and being cautious of phishing attempts. Always ensure you are in control of your private keys and have backups in place.

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