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What is the current price of OpenGram (GRAM)?

As of the latest update, the price of OpenGram (GRAM) is $ 0.00051999. Please note, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly.

What Is OpenGram (GRAM)?

OpenGram (GRAM) is a cryptocurrency project that aims to integrate blockchain functionalities with the convenience of the well-known messaging platform's system. Although not officially associated with Telegram, OpenGram seeks to leverage the familiarity of Telegram's address books and group features, allowing users to engage in blockchain-related activities within a familiar ecosystem.

Who is Behind OpenGram?

The GRAM team is distinct from the official Telegram team. This independent group of developers has taken on the task of combining the convenience of Telegram's user interface and social features with the robust capabilities of blockchain technology. By clarifying that OpenGram is not related to Telegram's TON (Telegram Open Network), the GRAM team is setting its project apart as a separate entity with its goals and roadmap.

How Does OpenGram Work?

OpenGram is designed to work by leveraging the existing infrastructure of Telegram for user engagement while introducing blockchain functionalities. This could potentially include using a user's Telegram contacts as a network for sending and receiving tokens or participating in decentralized applications (dApps) while utilizing the familiar interface of Telegram for a seamless user experience.

What Are the Core Features of OpenGram?

The core proposition of OpenGram is to blend the simplicity and wide user base of Telegram with the innovative features of blockchain technology. This implies that users can expect features like wallet services, token transfers, and possibly smart contracts while navigating an interface that remains as user-friendly as Telegram's.

How Is OpenGram Different From Telegram's TON?

It is crucial to understand that OpenGram (GRAM) is not the same as Telegram's TON. The latter was an initiative directly from Telegram that ultimately got discontinued. OpenGram, on the other hand, is an independent project that claims to offer blockchain solutions while utilizing a Telegram-like interface, but it is not affiliated with or endorsed by the official Telegram team.

How Is OpenGram's Blockchain Functionality Integrated?

Though specifics about OpenGram's technical integration are not explicitly known, the project claims to allow blockchain functions such as transactions and smart contracts within a messaging app framework. These services might be integrated through a layer that connects OpenGram's blockchain network with Telegram's user interface, thereby creating a hybrid system.

What Is the Circulating Supply of OpenGram (GRAM)?

The circulating supply of OpenGram (GRAM) is tokens. This figure helps investors understand the current availability of GRAM tokens on the market, which can impact the token's price and scarcity.

How Can OpenGram Be Used?

OpenGram's potential use cases could include secure and fast transactions between users, smart contract execution within a messaging app format, and decentralized application (dApps) interaction, all while leveraging the familiar environment of a Telegram-like interface.

Where Can You Buy OpenGram (GRAM)?

OpenGram (GRAM) can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the exchanges offering GRAM include . It is important to research and select a reputable exchange when buying cryptocurrencies.

How Can You Store OpenGram Safely?

Storing OpenGram (GRAM) safely requires using a reliable, secure digital wallet that supports the GRAM token. It is advisable to choose a wallet that offers strong security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA), encryption, and backup options to safeguard your assets.

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