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What is the current price of Earthcoin (EAC)?

The current price of Earthcoin (EAC) is $ 0.00055414. Over the last 24 hours, its price has increased by +0.00%.

What is Earthcoin (EAC)?

Earthcoin (EAC) is a digital currency that bridges the gap between the traditional financial world and the growing trend of decentralized finances. Earthcoin took inspiration from Litecoin, hence it is fundamentally similar to this cryptocurrency but offers different features to stand out. The unique attribute of Earthcoin is a block reward system that follows a sine curve over a period of one year, representing Earth’s year-long journey around the Sun.

Who created Earthcoin?

The creators of Earthcoin have not publicly disclosed their identities. However, it's known that the development of this cryptocurrency took inspiration from Litecoin, hence developers with a deep understanding of Litecoin's technology likely played a vital role in Earthcoin's creation.

How does Earthcoin work?

Earthcoin operates on a peer-to-peer platform allowing transactions directly between users without an intermediary. The unique aspect of Earthcoin is its block reward system. The reward starts at 10,000 coins and adjusts with each block. After roughly three months, it reaches a peak of 12,000 coins per block and then gradually decreases to around 10,000 and eventually to a minimum of 8,000 coins per block at around nine months. The reward then increases over time, reaching 10,000 coins per block on the one-year mark. This pattern follows Earth's annual rotation around the Sun. After the one-year period, the payout is halved.

What makes Earthcoin unique?

Earthcoin is unique because of its block reward system. It's designed to reflect the Earth's annual journey around the Sun, with rewards peaking and falling in a pattern similar to a sine curve over a 365-day period. This makes it distinct from other cryptocurrencies that offer a fixed block reward or a block reward that decreases over time.

How much Earthcoin is in circulation?

There are currently approximately 12.9B Earthcoins in circulation.

What is Earthcoin’s Total Supply?

The total supply of Earthcoin is 13.5B EAC.

Where can I buy Earthcoin (EAC)?

Earthcoin (EAC) can currently be purchased on the following exchanges: AEX, Nova.

How can I store my Earthcoins securely?

Storing Earthcoins securely should be a primary concern for any holder as the digital nature of Earthcoin makes it susceptible to various forms of cyber-attacks. Like other cryptocurrencies, you can store your EAC in a digital wallet. Digital wallets not only store your coins securely but also enable you to send or receive coins. It's advisable to use a multi-factor authentication wallet and regularly update your wallet software to maintain maximum security levels.

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