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Total Supply 100.0M
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Genesis Date 14/6/2017

What is the current price of Creamcoin (CRM)?

As of today, the price of Creamcoin (CRM) is $ 0.00029997. Over the last 24 hours, its value has increased by +0.00%.

What Is Creamcoin (CRM)?

Creamcoin (CRM) is a type of digital currency or cryptocurrency, designed with strategic and creative innovations. The Creamcoin project aims to make CRM the world's most desirable coin. The project relies on the power of its community and a strong team working behind the scenes. CREAM stands for Cryptocurrency Resource Earnings And Management, a name which encapsulates the project's key focus areas.

Who Is Behind the Creation of Creamcoin?

While the exact identities of the individuals behind Creamcoin are not made public on their official website, it is known that a team of dedicated professionals support and maintain the development of this cryptocurrency. They endeavor to make CREAM the most desirable digital currency in the world by focusing on strategic and creative innovations.

How Does Creamcoin Work?

Like other cryptocurrencies, Creamcoin operates using blockchain technology. However, specific details about how the technology works are not readily available on their official site. They emphasize on the strategic and innovative approach they are using to make Creamcoin desirable and effective. The coin is seen as a collaborative venture that relies heavily on community involvement and contribution.

What we can say is that Creamcoin, like many other similar cryptocurrencies, utilizes cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of additional units of the currency.

What Makes Creamcoin (CRM) Unique?

The details of what defines Creamcoin's unique qualities are not readily available on the coin's official site. However, their emphasis on strategic and creative cryptocurrency projects suggests that they envision a unique approach to the use and management of digital currency. They aim to create a sense of community engagement and encourage the contribution of their users to the overall value and growth of the coin.

How Much Creamcoin Is in Circulation?

As of the current time, there are Creamcoin (CRM) tokens in circulation. The maximum supply is set to be 100.0M CRM tokens.

How Is the Creamcoin Network Secured?

While specifics about the security of Creamcoin's network aren't readily available, it's safe to assume that, like most cryptocurrencies, they utilize powerful cryptographic algorithms. These algorithms are virtually impossible to break, ensuring the security of their users' transactions and digital assets.

Where Can You Buy Creamcoin (CRM)?

Creamcoin is available to purchase on several cryptocurrency exchange platforms. However, the specific exchanges where you can purchase CREAM tokens are updated in real time on our platform and can be found by checking the Graviex, YoBit section of our site. Considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it is usually best to buy from respected exchanges and store your CRM tokens in a protected wallet.

How Can You Store Creamcoin Safely?

Storing Creamcoin safely entails protecting your private keys and using secure wallets. As with all cryptocurrencies, securing your Creamcoin from potential threats is critical. If you're purchasing Creamcoin, or any other type of cryptocurrency, ensure to move your coins to a secure, preferably offline wallet. Such wallets include hardware and paper wallets, both of which are known for their security.

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