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Rank #127

$ 36.53 -0.67%

Bitcoin Gold Price (BTG)

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Bitcoin Gold Statistics

Market Rank #127
Market Cap $ 639.8M
Volume 24h $ 20.9M
Circ. Supply 17.5M
Total Supply 21.0M
Max Supply ?

What is the Current Price of Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

The current price of Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is $ 36.53, indicating a -0.67% change in the last 24 hours. This crypto, whose market cap is $ 639.8M, is ranked #128 in the crypto marketplace.

What Exactly is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

Bitcoin Gold, also known as BTG, is an alternate version or "fork" of the original Bitcoin blockchain. This crypto project is born out of a desire to make mining of Bitcoin more equitable and less centralized. The Bitcoin Gold project is particularly designed to allow anyone with basic hardware to become a miner. The idea here is to democratize Bitcoin mining so that it's no longer controlled by a few big companies but is spread among many individual miners.

Who are the people behind Bitcoin Gold?

The founders of Bitcoin Gold are enthusiasts and developers committed to decentralizing the mining process on the Bitcoin blockchain. They argue that large corporations having control over the majority of Bitcoin mining contradicts the purpose of a decentralized ledger and the concept of peer-to-peer digital currencies.

How does Bitcoin Gold Work?

Bitcoin Gold aims to work on the principle of decentralization by adopting the Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm known as Equihash-BTG. This algorithm cannot run on the specialty equipment used for traditional Bitcoin mining (ASIC miners). Instead, it allows ordinary users to mine using common GPUs. The intention is to make mining accessible to many more users worldwide.

What Sets Bitcoin Gold Apart?

Bitcoin Gold's standout feature is its commitment to making mining accessible to all, not just a select few. This crypto uses an ASIC-resistant hashing algorithm, which has become somewhat of an industry standard to foster decentralization. Bitcoin Gold also put in place full replay protection and unique wallet addresses essential to protect users and their coins from various accidents and threats.

Hard forking Bitcoin's blockchain into Bitcoin Gold also ensures a fair and efficient distribution of 16.5 million BTG to intellectual individuals interested in cryptocurrencies worldwide. The alternative methods, such as creating coins with a new genesis block, tend to concentrate ownership within a small group.

Is there Enough Bitcoin Gold in Circulation?

Currently, there is a circulating supply of 17.5M Bitcoin Gold tokens, with a total supply of 21.0M.

Where Can You Purchase Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges. It's advisable to confirm whether your preferred exchange is among the Zonda, Coinone, Indodax currently trading Bitcoin Gold.

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