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Market Rank #3818
Market Cap $ 0.1M
Volume 24h $ 1.4K
Circ. Supply 17.6M
Total Supply 65.5M
Max Supply ?

What Is the Current Price of ArGoApp (ARGO)?

The price of ArGoApp (ARGO) is currently $ 0.00717599. In the last 24 hours, ARGO's price has increased by +0.00%%. Remember, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly within short periods.

What Is ArGoApp (ARGO)?

ArGoApp is a decentralized platform that offers users a simplistic, swift, and convenient method to deploy web applications on a Decentralized Cloud Network, often abbreviated as DeCloud. With an emphasis on enhancing user experience in the realm of web hosting, ArGoApp aims to provide an alternative to traditional web hosting methods by leveraging the security and redundancy benefits of blockchain technology.

Who Created ArGoApp?

ArGoApp was developed by a team of individuals passionate about decentralization and the potential it has to revolutionize web hosting. The team behind ArGoApp believes in the concept of "#DeCloudYourself", encouraging web users to shift away from centralized cloud services towards a more distributed, secure, and resilient infrastructure. The identities or profiles of the individual team members are not specified here, but that information might be available on their official website or community forums.

How Does ArGoApp Work?

ArGoApp utilizes blockchain technology to decentralize web hosting. It works by allowing users to deploy their web applications across multiple decentralized storage networks. This process ensures that web apps are not reliant on a single server or a centralized data center, reducing the potential for outages and increasing resistance to censorship and data breaches. By removing intermediaries, ArGoApp also seeks to reduce costs associated with traditional cloud storage services.

What Makes ArGoApp Unique?

The uniqueness of ArGoApp lies in its simplicity and dedication to a decentralized hosting solution. The user interface is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that individuals with minimal technical knowledge can deploy their web apps easily. This democratization of web hosting can be particularly appealing for those concerned with privacy, data integrity, and the potential for central points of failure in the traditional web infrastructure.

How Is ArGoApp Secured?

The security of the ArGoApp platform is rooted in its decentralized structure. Distributing web app data across several nodes in a blockchain network minimizes central points of vulnerability, making it more difficult for malicious actors to compromise the data. Moreover, blockchain's inherent characteristics — such as immutability and transparency — contribute to the robustness of ArGoApp's security measures.

How Much ArGoApp Is in Circulation?

The circulating supply information of ArGoApp (ARGO) is available as 17.6M ARGO tokens. It is important to note that the circulation of tokens often changes with time as new tokens are released or some are potentially burned or locked.

What Is ArGoApp's Role as a Decentralized Web Hosting Solution?

ArGoApp's role as a decentralized web hosting solution is to provide a secure and resilient alternative to traditional cloud services. By encouraging users to deploy their applications on a decentralized network, ArGoApp aims to minimize reliance on centralized infrastructure, thereby reducing the risks of data centralization and promoting a more equitable internet landscape.

How Is ArGoApp's Technology Upgraded?

The specific processes through which ArGoApp's technology is upgraded are not detailed here. However, most blockchain-based platforms have a governance system in place that allows for proposals and community voting to facilitate upgrades and improvements. Such systems ensure that the platform remains up to date with technological advancements and responds to the needs of its user base.

Where Can You Buy ArGoApp (ARGO)?

ArGoApp (ARGO) can be purchased on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. The current exchanges where ARGO is available include . Always ensure you are using a reputable exchange and take appropriate measures to secure your cryptocurrency holdings.

How to Keep Your ArGoApp Tokens Safe?

Keeping your ArGoApp (ARGO) tokens safe involves a few key practices: - Use reputable wallets that provide robust security features and regular updates. - Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on exchanges and wallets where supported. - Keep private keys and recovery phrases private and secure, and never share them with anyone. - Be cautious of phishing attempts and only access your wallets through verified and secure methods.

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