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Rank #433

$ 0.20429800 -3.75%

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Shardus Statistics

Market Rank #433
Market Cap $ 89.8M
Volume 24h $ 8.6K
Circ. Supply 439.6M
Total Supply 1000.0M
Max Supply ?

What is the current price of Shardus (ULT)?

As a cryptocurrency tracking website, we continually update our data on the prices of various cryptocurrencies. As of now, the price of Shardus (ULT) has decreased to $ 0.20429800. Remember, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can change rapidly.

What Is Shardus (ULT)?

Shardus (ULT) is an innovative blockchain project designed to address some of the limitations faced by traditional blockchain systems, including scalability, decentralization, and efficiency. The Shardus project aims to pave the way for creating decentralized networks that can scale to support billions of daily active users without compromising on speed or security.

Who Is Behind Shardus?

The team behind Shardus is composed of developers and blockchain enthusiasts dedicated to solving the inherent problems of existing blockchain infrastructure. Information about individual team members can typically be found on the project's official website or through their community channels.

How Does Shardus Work?

Shardus is developing cutting-edge ledger software that relies on 'compute and state sharding'. This technique essentially breaks down the blockchain into smaller, more manageable pieces, called 'shards', that can process transactions and store data independently. In theory, this allows the network to process many more transactions per second, as each shard operates parallel to the others, creating a blockchain that can scale horizontally as more nodes join the network and share the load.

What Makes Shardus Unique?

Shardus sets itself apart by tackling the scalability trilemma - a situation where decentralization, security, and scalability cannot be achieved all at once. Shardus claims to maintain a high degree of decentralization and security while significantly improving scalability. By using sharding technology, Shardus aims to accommodate a drastically larger number of transactions, making it a potentially suitable platform for global-scale applications.

How Will Shardus Achieve Global-Scale Decentralized Networks?

By implementing compute and state sharding, Shardus plans to distribute the computational load and the storage of network state across many nodes. This means that as the network grows, it becomes more capable of handling a larger number of users and transactions, theoretically enabling it to accommodate billions of daily active users.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Shardus' Technology?

This sharding solution that Shardus proposes could bring several benefits:

  • Scalability: Allowing for more transactions per second as the network grows.

  • Decentralization: Aiming for a wider distribution of nodes to prevent central points of failure.

  • Efficiency: Reducing the resources required for each node, making it more sustainable and accessible.

What Is the Current Market Status of Shardus (ULT)?

The market cap rank and trading volume of Shardus (ULT) provide insights into its current market status. Currently, Shardus (ULT) holds a market cap rank of #434 with a market capitalization of $ 89.8M. The 24-hour trading volume for ULT has reached 8.6K, indicating the level of current activity and interest regarding this cryptocurrency.

What Is the Circulating Supply of Shardus (ULT)?

The circulating supply of Shardus (ULT) currently stands at 439.6M. The concept of circulating supply is important as it helps understand the liquidity and market activity of a specific cryptocurrency. For ULT, details on its total and maximum supply can further delineate the scarcity and potential inflation rate of the asset.

Where Can You Purchase Shardus (ULT)?

Shardus (ULT) can be bought and traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Some of the popular Probit, Hotbit are currently supporting ULT transactions. Always ensure you're using a reputable platform when trading cryptocurrencies.

How to Keep Your Shardus (ULT) Safe?

Securing your Shardus (ULT) involves practicing good digital security habits. Invest in a reputable hardware wallet for long-term storage, use two-factor authentication, and be cautious of phishing attempts and fraudulent schemes. Properly securing your private keys is crucial – without them, access to your cryptocurrency could be permanently lost.

Are There Any Updates Planned for Shardus' Technology?

Blockchain projects often undergo continuous development and improvement. For the latest updates on Shardus' technology, one should check the official channels like the project's website or community forums. Any upcoming upgrades or updates, if presented, define the roadmap and future potential of the project.

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