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Kylin Network Price (KYL)

Kylin Network to USD Price Chart

What Is the Current Price of Kylin Network (KYL) Today?

As of now, the current price of Kylin Network (KYL) is $ 0.00901207. Please note that cryptocurrency prices are subject to rapid fluctuations.

What Is Kylin Network (KYL) and How Does It Work?

Kylin Network (KYL) is a cross-chain platform that offers data services to the blockchain infrastructure. It aims to build a data infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0 powered by Polkadot. The KYL token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, plays a vital role in maintaining and operating the Kylin Network.

Who Created Kylin Network and What Was Their Motivation?

Kylin Network was created by a team of seasoned blockchain experts who sought to improve the availability and accuracy of data for blockchain applications. The motivation behind Kylin Network was to bridge the gap between data consumers and suppliers, thus, enhancing the overall functionality and reliability of the decentralized, distributed web.

What Makes Kylin Network Different from Other Cryptocurrencies?

Kylin Network is differentiated by its focus on becoming a cross-chain platform offering decentralized data services to the new era for the blockchain infrastructure. The platform combines several technologies, including data analytics, a data marketplace, and an oracle, aiming to enhance the operations of DeFi applications and facilitate the transition to Web 3.0.

How Many Kylin Network Tokens Are Currently in Circulation?

As of now, there is a circulating supply of KYL tokens. The maximum supply limit is set to 1000.0M KYL tokens.

What Security Measures Does the Kylin Network Employ?

Kylin Network employs standard security practices for blockchain architectures. Similar to the majority of decentralized projects based on Polkadot, Kylin Network uses the validating and nominating model to secure its network.

How Has Kylin Network's Price Changed Recently?

In the past 24 hours, Kylin Network's price has increased by +0.00%.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Kylin Network (KYL) Safely?

Kylin Network (KYL) can be safely purchased on several cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the specific list of exchanges where KYL is currently available can be found under the Hotbit, KuCoin, section.

How Can I Securely Store My Kylin Network?

To safeguard your Kylin Network (KYL) tokens, it is recommended to use a secure wallet compatible with the Polkadot platform. Always remember to use reliable wallets, keep your private keys safe, and avoid sharing sensitive information with others.

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