Rank #319

$ 0.00061768 -4.34%


ECOMI to USD Price Chart

ECOMI Statistics

Market Rank #319
Market Cap $ 167.5M
Volume 24h $ 0.3M
Circ. Supply 271.2B
Total Supply 311.2B
Max Supply 750.0B

Has the Price of ECOMI (OMI) Changed Recently?

The price of ECOMI (OMI) has decreased -4.34%, showcasing the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. Remember, prices can be quite volatile, reflecting changes in demand, market sentiment, and the overall economic environment.

What Is ECOMI (OMI)?

ECOMI is a company that has developed the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem, within which the OMI token functions. The platform focuses on buying, selling, and trading premium licensed digital collectibles, often referred to as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With the significant number of NFTs already sold since the inception of VeVe, ECOMI has positioned itself as a key player in the digital collectible space, offering products from a variety of revered international brands and artists.

Who Is Behind ECOMI?

While the team members or the founders of ECOMI are not mentioned directly here, they are industry professionals who have collectively created the VeVe platform to revolutionize the world of digital collectibles. This team claims to have leveraged their expertise to integrate blockchain technology with the world of pop culture and entertainment.

How Does the OMI Token Function Within VeVe?

The OMI token is the native cryptocurrency of the VeVe digital collectibles platform. It's utilized as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem, allowing users to purchase digital collectibles. Moreover, the token plays a role in the VeVe Master Collector Program, a loyalty initiative designed to enhance the collecting experience by offering users unique opportunities to grow and showcase their collections.

What Sets the VeVe Platform Apart?

The VeVe platform is unique in that it offers a mobile-first approach to digital collectibles, prioritizing ease of use and accessibility. Its partnerships with high-profile brands and artists enable it to offer a wide selection of exclusive digital collectibles, driving interest and engagement within the ecosystem. The introduction of the Master Collector Program further differentiates VeVe by adding gamification and additional benefits for the collectors.

How Is the ECOMI/OMI Ecosystem Secured?

ECOMI ensures the security of its ecosystem through blockchain technology, which provides transparency and immutability to the digital transactions occurring in the VeVe platform. While the specific technicalities are not detailed here, blockchain's inherent security features aid in protecting users' assets and bolstering trust in the system.

How Many OMI Tokens Are in Circulation?

The circulating supply of ECOMI (OMI) tokens is 271.2B. The total supply, reflecting the maximum number of tokens that will ever exist for OMI, is set at 311.2B. These numbers play a significant role in the market dynamics of the token, influencing its scarcity and potential value.

What Role Does OMI Play in Digital Collecting?

OMI is central to the VeVe digital collecting experience, as it underpins transactions and rewards within the platform. Through the Master Collector Program, OMI acts as a vehicle for collectors to unlock unique features and benefits that enrich their interaction with digital collectibles.

What Are the Next Steps in ECOMI's Development?

ECOMI continues to grow the VeVe platform, with plans to expand its digital collectibles' range and enhance the user experience. The adoption of new features, community engagement, and potentially new partnerships would be logical next steps, although the specifics would depend on the strategic direction the ECOMI team chooses to take.

Where Can You Buy ECOMI (OMI)?

You can buy ECOMI (OMI) tokens on various Bitforex,, OKEx, BitMax where it's currently listed. When considering purchasing any cryptocurrency, always use a reputable and secure exchange, and be sure to carry out diligent research beforehand.

How Do You Store Your ECOMI (OMI) Safely?

Storing your ECOMI (OMI) tokens safely is crucial. Generally, you can store OMI in a compatible wallet that supports the token. It's recommended to use a wallet that offers strong security features like two-factor authentication, backup options, and cold storage capabilities to ensure the safety of your digital assets. Always do your research to select the wallet that best suits your needs and ensures optimal security for your holdings.

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