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Rank #3135

$ 0.00057748 -4.35%

Achain Price (ACT)

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Achain Statistics

Market Rank #3135
Market Cap $ 0.5M
Volume 24h $ 21.5K
Circ. Supply 857.4M
Total Supply 1000.0M
Max Supply ?
Genesis Date 22/7/2017

How much does Achain (ACT) cost today?

As of now, the price of ACT, Achain's native token, is $ 0.00057748. In the past 24 hours, it has decreased by -4.35%.

What Is Achain (ACT)?

Achain is a public blockchain platform that empowers developers at different levels to issue tokens, create smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain systems. The driving aim behind Achain is to construct a global blockchain network for information exchange and value transactions. To differentiate itself from major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Achain uses a modified version of DPoS known as RDPoS (Result-Delegated Proof of Stake) to establish node consensus. It's a highly accessible platform, that makes it easy to create forks and implement unique consensus algorithms.

Who's behind Achain?

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, Achain's development team is transparent about its members. CEO Tony Cui is leading Achain. Cui, who has several significant accomplishments, including winning the Future Star award from the Zhongguancun Alliance and being listed in the 30 under 30 on CYZONE, a well-known venture capital magazine. The team consists of fifty-one members, mostly based in Beijing.

How does Achain function?

In terms of functionality, Achain relies on its RDPoS consensus mechanism to determine validation of blocks. RDPoS offers a modified version of Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), offering scalability and increased block creation efficiency. Here, coin holders vote for the validator nodes responsible for producing upcoming blocks in the blockchain. This makes Achain's blockchain secure yet democratic.

What Makes Achain Unique?

Two things in particular make Achain stand out. Firstly, it allows the easy creation of Achain forks, offering developers more flexibility and control. Secondly, Achain's innovative RDPoS consensus algorithm makes it a promising project for champions of scalability in the blockchain space.

How Much Achain Is in Circulation?

The circulating supply of ACT, Achain's native token, is 857.4M out of a total supply of 1000.0M. Keep in mind that these numbers change as new coins are mined and old ones are spent or lost.

Where Can You Buy Achain (ACT)?

You can buy, sell, and trade Achain (ACT) on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges currently trading ACT include OKEx, HitBTC, Indodax,, KuCoin.

How is Achain's Future Development Planned?

Achain has a strong focus on technological advancements and has detailed its development roadmap into three major phases: Singularity, Galaxy, and Cosmos. Each phase has projected timelines and focuses on enhancing the interoperability of the protocol and making it more accessible to mainstream adoption. These roadmaps are subject to change as the Achain team continues to refine their long-term strategy for improving the platform's technical capabilities.

How does Achain stand out in the blockchain landscape?

Achain brings to the table some technical innovations that could be much needed in today's blockchain landscape. Its easy-to-create fork method and unique RDPoS consensus algorithm are just two of the aspects that make it stand apart. As the project continues to build upon its past successes, it would indeed be interesting to see how they strategize future improvements and encourage participation in its ecosystem.

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